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Everything You Need to Know About the Bernina 1008

Everything You Need to Know About the Bernina 1008

The Bernina 1008 is among the most affordable and easy to use sewing machines on the market. It is a great choice for beginners as well as those with more experience, and has many excellent features to recommend it. From a well-known and respected manufacturer, the Bernina 1008 is a reliable machine for any sewing enthusiast or those just leaning to sew.

The Company Behind the Bernina 1008

Bernina has been making home sewing machines since 1932 and has a long history of quality and reliability. The Bernina 1008 is just one of the many models that the company sells on the US market. Bernina is a family owned and operated company dedicated to making the Bernina 1008 and all of the sewing machines they produce perform at the highest level for their loyal customers.

The Bernina 1008 is one of the modern sewing machines produced by Bernina that has been many years in the making. With a reputation for being on the cutting edge of sewing technology, Bernina has always been quick to manufacture machines with the newest and best features. The Bernina 1008 is among their most popular models.

The Features of the Bernina 1008

The Bernina 1008 is a powerful model that offers enough power and speed to let you complete your sewing projects quickly and efficiently. The Bernina 1008 uses a patented CB technology that ensures even and balanced stitches no matter what the fabric. This CB hook system is all metal and considered a high level feature, surprising on the entry level Bernina 1008.

The mechanical Bernina 1008 offers variable stitch width and length, with 16 stitch designs available. The Bernina 1008 has 5 needle positions that make it easy to switch the needle position without moving the fabric. The Bernina 1008 also has an automatic buttonhole setting for perfect buttonholes every time. The drop feed makes embroidery fast and easy.

Is the Bernina 1008 For You?

Bernina 1008 offers a lot of features at a very reasonable price. It is an easy to use machine that is perfect for beginners who are just learning to sew. Because it is so versatile, reliable and feature rich, even those with many years of experience will find the Bernina 1008 to be an excellent choice for the money.

There are a few features notably missing from the Bernina 1008 that some people might find to be an issue especially those who are more advanced. The Bernina 1008 does not have an adjustable presser foot or a needle threader, and is on the loud side compared to other machines in its class. The 6-step buttonhole system may result is less even buttonholes than the newer one step versions.

The Bernina 1008 remains one of the most reliable sewing machines on the market and offers a lot of features for the price point. For both beginners and those who are at a more intermediate level of sewing skill, the Bernina 1008 is a good investment in a reliable machine that will last a long time.

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