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Bernzomatic Patio Heater – A Complete Guide

Bernzomatic Patio Heater – A Complete Guide

For many people, their outdoor space is the most valued square footage on their property. Front porches, patios, and decks are a hot commodity for home buyers these days, and for good reason. Entertaining friends and family outdoors in the warm summer weather is something people look forward to, and the health benefits of spending time outdoors is undeniable. Unfortunately, the weather is not always reliable or tolerable, and nobody likes to move a much anticipated party inside on a clear night due to a sudden drop in the temperature. Luckily, there are a variety of new options available for those who want to extend the use of their outdoor space to all seasons. For this reason, the Bernzomatic Patio Heater is a worthy investment for any homeowner.

The Design of the Bernzomatic Patio Heater

The Bernzomatic Patio Heater is unique in that unlike other umbrella style patio heaters that only warm objects directly in front of the heater, or use noisy fans to blow air warmed by various heating elements, the Bernzomatic’s technology allows for quiet, even distribution of heat. The Bernzomatic Patio Heater is able to raise the temperature up to 10 degrees for up to a 10 foot radius. This heater uses a design with a centrally located heating chamber. Bernzomatic’s design circulates heat outwards from it’s entire height, instead of overheating the head while the lower portion of the body remains cold. With the heater reaching a height of 6 feet, his provides for an even, constant distribution of warm air that reaches the entire length of the body,

For the wary types concerned with assembly, have no fear! The Bernzomatic Patio Heater comes fully assembled, and is easy to operate. All you need to power it is a simple standard 20lb. propane tank. Not only does this heater increase the value of your patio and outdoor living space by allowing year-round access, all of Bernzomatic’s Patio Heaters come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. These patio heaters are made of durable thermoplastic, which ensures that you’re purchasing a long-lasting, high-quality product that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Safety Concerns of the Bernzomatic Patio Heater

Parallel to its outstanding design, Bernzomatic Patio Heaters come with many in-demand safety features. In addition to being made of heavy-duty, durable material, the heating mechanism is enclosed in a safe external casing that remains harmless to the touch, with a wide base to help guarantee stability. For parents of small children, and even those who enjoy throwing rowdy parties, this is an important factor to consider. Nobody wants to have to worry about the risk of accidental injury when they’re simply trying to warm themselves and their guests. In addition to the safe casing, the Bernzomatic heaters are also fitted with carbon monoxide detectors. Furthermore, these heaters offer electric starters. These are both safer and more convenient as you won’t have to mess with lighting the pilot.

These safety features are also what makes these patio heater models offered by Bernzomatic perfect for commercial use. With liability and safety at the top of any local venue’s concerns, having the ability to provide safe outdoor heating options for their patrons can do wonders for improving business, especially when you consider the rise in indoor smoking bans in many cities and counties. Providing a comfortable outdoor atmosphere during the winter months for smoking customers can help maintain profitability by giving smokers a comfortable place to smoke, while allowing owners to follow regulations and keeping non-smokers happy as well.

As with any outdoor patio heater, customers should always check with the instruction manual for specific operation guidelines and warranty information that may be unique to each of Bernzomatic’s patio heater models. Thanks to their design and safety features, these heaters, with proper use and care, can be a great investment for both home and business owners.

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