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The Best Online Biology Courses

The Best Online Biology Courses

With improvements in online media and the ability for professors to record or stream their classes, the option to view and participate in online courses has become a reality. Whether you’re looking to earn a degree in biology or just interested in brushing up on some of the basics, there are definitely options out there for you to choose from.

Free Online Biology Courses

Some of the top universities in the world have opened their online doors to anyone who is interested in a myriad of subjects, including biology. Videos of actual classes, coursework and quizzes are available to interact with at your viewing pleasure. One thing to note is that while this information is excellent, it can’t be used towards a degree or credits, unless you are enrolled at a participating school. Check out the following sites for free online biology courses:

Paid Online Biology Courses

While free online biology courses are great for furthering your biology knowledge for the sake of knowledge, if you’re interested in pursuing a degree in biology or related major, you’ll still have to enroll and pay to take the classes online. The following school offers a degree in Environmental Science and Biology completely online.

Whatever your interests, there are definitely online options out there to satisfy your thirst for knowledge. Go out and give them a try!