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All About Camping Sleeping Bags

All About Camping Sleeping Bags

A sleeping bag is a crucial element to any successful camping experience. Choosing the right sleeping bag for the type of camping you’ll be doing goes a long way in dictating how comfortable you’ll be at night, and subsequently how pleasant you’ll be the next morning.

Camping sleeping bags are meant to keep you warm and insulated while sleeping, as well as to protect you from the elements through the night. Additional equipment, like a tent and/or sleeping pad, can work in tandem with a sleeping bag to ensure that you get a good nights sleep, by keeping you protected from rocks, cold and the elements.

Two Styles of Camping Sleeping Bags

There are two main styles of camping sleeping bags found in stores today. The first is a squared off variety, which is basically equivalent to a blanket folded over and sewn up into a long rectangle. These camping sleeping bags are best suited for summer camping trips, or slumber parties with friends, but not for situations where you’ll encounter cold temperatures throughout the day or night. The second main style is called a “mummy bag” and is tapered to fit snugly against the body from head to toe. These bags are made of much better insulation, and thus are used for camping trips where the temperature is anticipated to be below freezing.

The best thing to do when shopping for camping sleeping bags is to explain to an experienced salesperson exactly what type of camping you’ll be doing, and have them help you choose the right sleeping bag for the job. Good luck and enjoy overnight camping with your new sleeping bag!