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Blemish Remover Tools and Techniques

Blemish Remover Tools and Techniques

There are a number of options on the market for a blemish remover to help you get rid of all kinds of unwanted skin blemishes. Whether you are looking for a blemish remover for all types of acne, from blackheads to whiteheads, or for removing different types of blemishes such as scars, stretch marks and others, there is something you can try to get clear looking skin. The type of blemish remover you need of course depends on what type of blemish you are looking to remove.

The most common type of blemish remover on the market is aimed at removing acne. Acne is probably the skin problem that occurs most in people of all ages, although it is a particular problem in those who are experiencing hormone changes such as puberty or pregnancy. Acne generally starts with what is known as a blackhead, and then can develop into a whitehead, or a pustule that is red with a white center filled with pus. Many blemish remover tools are aimed at getting rid of acne at the blackhead stage, before it can become a whitehead.

A popular and affordable blemish remover for blackheads are strips that are applied to the chin, nose and forehead, left to dry for a few minutes and then peeled off. The blackheads come off on the strip and leave the pores clear. Regular use of these can reduce acne greatly.

There are also blemish remover tools that are available for dealing with whiteheads. Although most dermatologists recommend that you do not touch pimples as it can cause a worse infection and lead to scarring, there are some tools that can help to extract the whitehead in a more sterile manner than using your fingers, which can push bacteria in and cause an infection. The looped ends of these tools can help to clear pus away without infection as long as they are kept clean.

There are other types of blemish remover tools on the market for other skin blemishes. Most of these are creams and lotions designed to work on the skin itself. Many scar fading and stretch mark removal creams are designed to help these skin blemishes become less noticeable. There are treatments that can do this better, such as laser treatments, but they are very expensive and require a professional’s help.

Some other at home blemish remover tools include special scrubs and skin scrubbing tools that help to clear the surface of the skin and even remove the outer layers. While most treatments of this sort such as chemical peels and microdermabrasion are done in a salon or med spa environment, there are now some home versions of these blemish remover tools that you can try. Although they won’t give professional level results, they can be very helpful.

Before you use any blemish remover tool be sure that you know the possible side effects of each. While some are unlikely to cause a problem, others may result in infection, skin reddening or even allergic reactions. Read the instructions carefully before you start.

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