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Braces Rubber Bands: How and Why They Work

Braces Rubber Bands: How and Why They Work

If you have ever had braces to improve the alignment of your teeth, you probably recall those tiny little braces rubber bands that you had to use at one point. For most people who wear braces rubber bands will be used at some point. They may look strange, but they do in fact serve a purpose.

Braces rubber bands are generally used in the final stages of wearing your braces. They help to move teeth forward or backward in the mouth by increasing pressure and the pull between the metal parts of the braces. Without these braces rubber bands, the time spent in braces can be extended by up to a year, and may in fact cause a lot more pain to the patient.

Because braces rubber bands may span while a patient is chewing, which can be painful and result in accidental swallowing of the bands, most orthodontists recommend that you remove the rubber bands before you eat and then put a new pair on afterwards. This will also prevent food from becoming stuck in the rubber bands themselves, which can cause tooth decay if left for too long.

Although braces rubber bands are generally not the most attractive thing in the world, there are some options to help make them more fun, especially for children. They are available in a variety of colors and can make for an interesting rainbow effect in the mouth. On the other hand, for those who want them to be as invisible as possible, there are also clear braces rubber bands that don’t show up nearly as much. These may need to be changed more often however as they can become stained from food and liquids such as coffee.

As part of the process of moving the teeth around in the mouth to correct issues such as overbites and crossbites, braces rubber bands are a simple and yet highly effective tool. Should to remove them too often or fail to wear them at all, it will be far more difficult for the process of moving the teeth into place to be completed. While some people prefer to wear them only at night, they can complete their work faster if you wear them at all times, except when eating.

You should remove and change out your braces rubber bands every few days to lessen the likelihood that they will snap in the mouth due to having been overstretched. This will also lessen the risk of bacteria building up and causing foul odors and decay.

Although you may not enjoy them, braces rubber bands are doing an important task and also mean you are approaching the end of your time in braces. Wear them exactly as directed so that they can do their work quickly and effectively, and so that you can remove your braces entirely a lot sooner. Allowing the braces to work to their full potential will also mean better results when everything is complete – not just less time wearing the braces themselves.

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