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BSN True Mass: What You Need to Know

BSN True Mass: What You Need to Know

You have spent hours at the gym, lifting weights. You have done everything the ‘experts’ say you should do: varied your routine, used many different machines and free weights, altered your diet to increase your protein and calorie intake. But you have now hit a plateau. No matter how many times you lift or how long you spend on the machines, you can’t seem to add a single pound more of mass. When you first started, the pounds flew on as your muscles rapidly grew in response to your increased activity, but now it is a struggle just to add a few ounces of muscle weight.

If you find yourself in this position, it may be time to consider adding a dietary supplement designed to help you gain muscle mass. More than a simple protein powder, these products are made specifically for body builders like you and are created specifically to give your body the nutritional tools it needs to add muscle weight and bulk up as you continue your body building work out. One of these supplements that you might consider is BSN True Mass

BSN True Mass is specifically designed with weight trainers like you in mind. The makers understand that the body will naturally hit plateaus and walls, reaching points where no further progress is made, and they have created BSN True Mass with the goal of helping you get past that plateau or over that wall.

When you work out to build muscle mass, the exercise you do burns countless calories. But in order to bulk up, you will need to gain weight and feed your body’s needs for more calories. BSN True Mass includes the extra calorie boost that your body will need to replace calories burned in the workout as well as to supplement the calories you get from your daily meals.

As well as a variety of carbs to give immediate energy to your work out, BSN True Mass also includes a complex protein matrix designed to feed your muscles and help them grow. This helps your muscles recover quickly and rebuild after intense work outs, improving the likelihood that you will begin seeing muscle weight gain once more. BSN True Mass also includes a variety of vitamins and minerals specifically combined to support your immune system and provide your body with the nutrients it needs for proper functioning, allowing you to get the most out of your work.

Those who have used BSN True Mass have found that it provides them with the extra boost they needed to resume gaining muscle weight after their work out routine alone was no longer enough to add bulk. They report that the flavor is great, and the powder blends well with milk or water. You can always blend it with other liquids if you prefer smoothies. You can even add other ingredients such as chocolate syrup for extra calories, making a delicious shake, or add a banana for extra nutrients and flavor.

If you find yourself at a stall in your work out routine, adding a supplement can make all the difference you need. BSN True Mass is exactly the sort of supplement that has all the elements your body needs to resume bulking up.

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