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Building Wraps Explained

Building Wraps Explained

Building wraps provide a unique, large scale advertising medium that is impossible to miss. They are a method of reaching the citizens of big cities that won’t get lost in the shuffle. Because building wraps can be seen for miles, they can reach a larger population that any other form of city based advertising.

Building wraps take the idea of a wallscape just a little further. While a wallscape covers one side of a building, building wraps do just as their name implies, wrapping around the building to create an even greater presence that adds depth to the advertising and is visible from multiple angles. Building wraps can be used on high rise apartments and office buildings as well as buildings that are vacant or under construction.

A number of different materials can be used to create building wraps, including vinyl, mesh and other types. They are applied to the walls of the building by an expert installer so that they appear smooth, almost painted onto the surface, creating the illusion of a mural without the expense. Building wraps are advertising on an incredibly large scale and require experts to install them properly.

Building wraps require a lot of advance planning as well due to their size and impact on the neighborhood around them. Ensure that you are following all codes and by-laws when you install your advertising on a building. If you install a building wrap without ensuring there are no laws that prohibit it you may be forced to remove it, forfeiting a large investment and a lot of time and effort.

You should also choose the location for placement of building wraps carefully based on who you want to reach. If you are advertising to a certain segment of the population, you will want to make sure that target audience is actually going to be in the area to see your advertisement. Some advance research into the shopping and dining habits of your demographic will ensure that your placement is just right to catch the correct attention.

Building wraps should convey a message as simply as possible, because they are unlikely to draw in a lot of people with time to read. Keep verbiage on the sign simple and minimal, and make sure it is easily readable from a distance. Be sure to include a large, attention grabbing image or graphic, and use colors that don’t fade into the background, but really stand out and command the attention of passersby.

Certainly building wraps are a great method of making an impact and ensuring your message is seen by the largest number of people possible, but they are also a rather expensive and complex proposition. If you want to pursue building wraps as a method of advertising your business, you should ensure that the expense will provide you with significant advertising revenue to make it worth the effort.

Building wraps are an advertising phenomenon that turn the city into your billboard and allow you to get your message out in a truly big way.

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