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Tips for Choosing the Best Business Card Slitter

Tips for Choosing the Best Business Card Slitter

If you’re the proprietor or manager of a print shop, copy business or just a business professional who prefers to handle his various printing needs in-house, a business card slitter is an absolutely vital piece of equipment for your success. In this article we will briefly describe what a business card slitter is, and introduce you to a number of options you have when it comes to purchasing one of these time-saving devices.

What Is a Business Card Slitter?

There are certain types of products whose function cannot be automatically determined by the title or name of the product, but with a “business card slitter” this is certainly not the case. No, a business card slitter does exactly what the name implies. With a business card slitter you can rapidly produce business cards on demand from a printed sheet. Just print out a full sheet—or sheets of information, set the size you want cut, and a business card slitter will quickly cut this sheet into pocket-sized business cards.

In the past, the printing of business cards meant sending the employee’s or company’s information to the print shop, waiting two weeks or more for the job to be completed and finally receiving a predetermined amount of business cards. Most businesses would choose to order a large number of cards for each employee—up to 500 or more—just so they could get a better price and to guarantee they wouldn’t have to order more for quite some time. This practice, though, proved to be very inefficient. The truth about business is that employees leave everyday and new people are hired to take their place, not to mention the fact that most of these employees wouldn’t need 500 business cards if they worked for the company 20 years or more. This problem was finally solved with the business card slitter.

A business card slitter allows businesses to print cards on demand as needed, thus avoiding extra and unnecessary printing costs and an undue strain on the environment. Simply save the employee’s name and information on the computer, and the next time additional cards are needed, print out the required number of sheets and let the business card slitter do the rest.

Where to Find Business Card Slitters

Business card slitters come in a variety of models and styles. From the smaller sized models which attach to most desktop printers, to free-standing larger models which their own waste receptacle, you’re certain to find just the right machine for your particular business. Business card slitters can typically be found at:

  • Office Supply Stores. Large office supply stores, such as Staples and Office Depot, carry business card slitters which are ideal for today’s large and small businesses.
  • Printing Supply Stores
  • Online Printing and Binding Suppliers
  • And more…

If you’re currently in the market for a business card slitter, a simple search query on any of the major search engines will typically reveal hundreds of matches, complete with the various places these devices are sold.

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