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Basic Camping Cooking Equipment

Basic Camping Cooking Equipment

Cooking on a camping trip, while challenging, can be a rewarding experience if done right. The most important thing is to have the right camping cooking equipment to prepare the type of food you’re planning on bringing along. There are a few basic items which every camp chef should have with them to handle most outdoor cooking situations.

Types of Camping Cooking Equipment

The most basic way of cooking is using a skewer over a campfire. Hot dogs and marshmallows are typically cooked this way. Not much is needed in terms of camping cooking equipment, except for a straight, pointed stick or metal skewer on which to place the food and hold over the campfire.

If you’re looking to cook more than a hot dog, the next items on the checklist to bring are going to be a frying pan and a pot. A frying pan held or placed above a small fire will handle most types of food, from scrambled eggs in the morning to a steak for dinner. A pot is necessary to boil water for purification, cleaning and hot beverages, not to mention heating soup, chili or stew. Camping pots and pans are usually made of light, thin metal, so care must be taken to ensure that food is cooked evenly and does not burn.

If you’re at a campsite which does not permit campfires, then a crucial piece of equipment will be a portable stove or burner. Backpackers typically carry very small, light weight stoves to cook meals on the go, while car campers are able to carry more robust grills and portable stoves to their campsites. Talk to an experienced professional at a sporting goods store near you to find the best size of portable stove for your situation.

Finally, the piece of camping cooking equipment that is synonymous with cooking outdoors is the dutch oven. This heavy, cast iron pot can be hung above an open fire, or placed directly in the coals to cook its contents. The upsides to this piece of equipment is that it’s robust, cooks the food evenly since heat is dispersed across the entire oven, and is very versatile. The major downside is the weight, which prevents backpackers or other light weight campers from lugging it into the wilderness.

With just a few key pieces of camping cooking equipment, the camp chef can be prepared to cook most types of foods. Enjoy your camping cooking experience, and don’t forget the silverware!

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