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Carhartt Vest Options for Men and Women

Carhartt Vest Options for Men and Women

Keeping yourself stylish in the cool months is always a bit of a struggle. While summer offers fashionable t-shirts, cute shorts, and fun flip flops, fall and winter can be marked by thick, heavy clothing that is all function and no flash.

But you don’t have to put style on the backburner just because the temperature has dropped. All you need are the right pieces in your closet, and this includes brands that understand this dilemma such as Carhartt and their large supply of Carhartt vests.

When dressing for the cold, the first thing to keep in mind is that keeping warm and staying cute is all about layering. When you throw on one bulky knit sweater, you’re completing hiding yourself. Even the most fashion forward girl can have a hard time pulling off this look or an outfit drowning in a fluffy ski jacket. That’s why you should opt for three or four different shirts layered over each other. This will ensure that you’re still just as warm and comfortable as you need to be, but you have a much better chance of keeping your basic silhouette.

So what pieces go best with the layering look? One classic combination is the long tank, long sleeve tee, and vest. The important thing to remember in this layering game is that length is essential. If the first layer is a tank top, but you can’t see the bottom of that tank top after all the other layers, all it’s doing is adding extra bulk to your body. But if you can see an inch or two of a cute patterned fabric peeking out from under the t-shirt, the look really comes together.

Arguably the most essential piece in all of this would be the vest. It’s got to be functional and warm with the level of style, detailing, and quality that you’d expect for your closet. One option that fits that bill is a Carhartt vest. The company offers a wide range of clothing designed to be both rugged and stylish. They carry extensive collections for men, women, and children, so whether you’re dressing yourself or the whole family, Carhartt has you covered.

In general, Carhartt vests usually come in a neutral color tone. They are either black or a variant of tan. These neutral colors ensure that they won’t clash or conflict with the rest of your outfit.

Many of the vests are also fully lined, which adds a pop of visual interest at the collar, and it makes sure you’re as warm as you can be when the wind is blowing or the weather turns otherwise unpleasant.

They are also sure to last you for seasons to come for two important reasons. One, they are a classic cut that is form flattering, and for this reason, they will always be in style. But perhaps even more importantly, quality is the hallmark of a Carhartt vest. Many are designed to resist water and other elements, so you can play hard for years to come.

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