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Charmed Theme Song: Music and Downloads

Charmed Theme Song:  Music and Downloads

The show Charmed is a very popular television program, especially among teens and young adults, which deals with plenty of magical themes and the everyday problems that face young people. And at the beginning of each show, the Charmed theme song is played—a song that has quickly risen in popularity, and become a very trendy choice for music downloads.

Who Sings the Charmed Theme Song?

The Charmed theme song, entitled How Soon Is Now was originally written, recorded and performed by The Smiths, an English band. However, when the 1994 movie The Craft was made, the producers asked permission for the band Love Spit Love to cover the song for the movie. Permission was granted and the song became a modest hit. This version is the version played at the beginning of every Charmed episode.

How Can You Get the Charmed Theme Song?

If you’re interested in obtaining a copy of the Charmed theme song, How Soon Is Now, there are several things you can do. Among these are:

  • Pick up a copy of The Smiths CD featuring How Soon Is Now which was produced and released in 1984.
  • Buy a copy of the Love Spit Love CD from 1996.
  • Buy the soundtrack CD for The Craft.
  • For downloads, go to a legal download site such as iTunes or Napster and purchase a copy of the song. If you’re simply looking for that particular song and not others by either The Smiths or Love Spit Love, this is probably the most economical and efficient way to obtain it. Just type in the title, How Soon is Now, and choose the version you like best.

As Charmed becomes more and more popular, it has picked up many fans along the way, and naturally the Charmed theme song, How Soon Is Now has risen in popularity accordingly.

Photo courtesy of DVDs Box Set.