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Choose the Best Breakaway Lanyard To Fit Your Needs

Choose the Best Breakaway Lanyard To Fit Your Needs

Identification cards for work. Keys. Identification cards for school. All of these are things that need to be easily accessible at all times. It’s a pain to fumble in pockets or a purse, especially when your hands are already full. One of the simplest solutions is to put the ID card or keys on a lanyard worn around the neck, keeping ID cards on full display or keys in an easy-access location. But lanyards can catch on things, causing a safety hazard when worn around the neck. Some people may find it difficult to balance out personal safety with ease and convenience.

The breakaway lanyard is the perfect solution to this need. Specially created with a specific type of buckle, the breakaway lanyard is designed to release the buckle when a strong force pulls at the lanyard. This allows you to have your ID card, keys, or whatever else you need at hand close and ready for use while ensuring your personal safety. Not only that, but it makes it so you can remove your ID card or keys without having to constantly lift the lanyard back and forth over your head.

Typically made out of a comfortable nylon or other cloth, these lanyards come in a variety of colors to fit your personality and styles to fit your needs. Many small businesses even find that these are a great way to promote themselves, by manufacturing breakaway lanyards with their logos or company names on them. There are different styles available for attaching whatever you need on the lanyard, from split rings, which are easy for keys, to swiveling hooks that make ID cards a breeze to access. Some even come with pen holders, guaranteeing that you always have your needed writing tool at hand.

Parents find breakaway lanyards perfect for their hectic, on-the-go lifestyles. Keeping the keys in a secure place keeps them from getting lost or swallowed, and the breakaway design prevents excess wear and tear on Mom or Dad when toddlers are going through their ‘pulling’ stage. The lanyard can also be looped on a belt or a purse, keeping the essentials in easy access without the extra weight on the neck. Parents can rest easy, knowing exactly where their keys are and not having to spend half an hour digging for the keys when it’s time to go.

Corporations also find the breakaway lanyard a great solution for security. It’s awkward to make employees dig out security IDs from wallets or purses. Alligator clips on lapels can be awkward for workers who don’t have easy places to hang the ID card, and the clips can easily fall off and become lost without notice. Breakaway lanyards guarantee that all employee ID cards are present in an easily accessible, simple location, making ID checks easier, faster, and making the company more efficient overall.

We all have something that we need to keep close to ourselves at all times. Maybe it’s an ID card, maybe it’s your keys, or maybe it’s something else. No matter what, it’s a snap to find the right breakaway lanyard to suit your needs.

Photo courtesy of Martin Kliehm.

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