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Choosing a Basic Wrench Set

Choosing a Basic Wrench Set

There are a few basics that should appear in every toolbox, and the wrench set is one of them. Wrenches are useful tools for a variety of projects, and a good wrench set will ensure that you have the right size and type of wrench for whatever you need to get done. Choosing a wrench set from among the many different options on the market can be a bit complex, so follow these simple tips to select tools that will be in your toolbox for many years to come.

The first thing you will want to do when starting your search for a good basic wrench set is narrow it down to a few brands. This removes a lot of the confusion by leaving you with a smaller list to choose from. There are several brands in the tool industry that are well known for quality craftsmanship as well as durability and function. Most people who work with tools have an opinion on the top brands and many are quite loyal to the brand they prefer. If you already have tools from a brand you find to be high quality, it’s best to select your wrench set from this brand as well. If you are new to buying tools, some help might be in order. Ask for recommendations, or check out consumer reports on tool brands. Some of the big names you will encounter include Craftsman, Stanley, and Black and Decker.

Once you have a few brands or even just one in mind, you can start thinking about the type of wrenches you need and how many different sizes you will require. A good rule of thumb is to buy a wrench set with more pieces than you think you need; you don’t want to discover that you are missing just the size you need for any given project. You can purchase a small wrench set with only 5-8 wrenches if you don’t do a lot of work with tools and need them only occasionally. On the larger end, a wrench set of 22 pieces or more is an option for those who want to ensure they have as many sizes as possible.

Another consideration for your wrench set is whether you want metric or standard wrenches. Standard, or SAE wrenches, use inches for measurement, while metric wrenches use millimeters. It is not a bad idea to have both a metric wrench set and a standard wrench set on hand; some sets even offer combinations. This will make sure you have the right type of wrench for every job.

A final thing to look at when choosing a wrench set is whether or not the wrenches have a ratcheting feature. This can make the job of turning the wrench repeatedly a lot easier on you, so it is probably worth choosing a set that does have this feature.

Your wrench set should do every job you can imagine for it, so the more you need, the more complete your wrench set should be. Spend a little more for a larger set; you will be glad you did.

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