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Choosing a Great Short Sleeve Sweatshirt

Choosing a Great Short Sleeve Sweatshirt

The short sleeve sweatshirt seems at first to be a contradiction in terms; on closer inspection, however, it offers the best of both worlds. Available in a number of fabrics and patterns, with or without a hood, a short sleeve sweatshirt lets you keep your torso warm while your arms stay cool, giving the right mix of warmth and breathability for those days when the temperature is somewhere in between.

Choosing a Fabric

The type of fabric you will want for your short sleeve sweatshirt really depends on what you plan to do while wearing it. If you are using the short sleeve sweatshirt for exercise such as jogging, it’s best to choose a very breathable fabric that will let sweat evaporate. Look for cotton or fabrics designed to wick away moisture from the skin. Many sports gear manufacturers make a short sleeve sweatshirt perfect for this purpose.

A more casual short sleeve sweatshirt can come in a wide variety of fabrics. From fleece, perfect for layering over a long-sleeved t-shirt on a cool day, to terry which is wonderful as a beech cover-up, there is a short sleeve sweatshirt in any imaginable fabric. It isn’t hard to find one that meets your needs exactly.

Hood Options

A short sleeve sweatshirt with a hood can be either a fashion choice, with the hood added mainly for looks, or a functional option. If you plan to use your short sleeve sweatshirt as outerwear, you might want a hood either for warmth or protection from the elements. In that case, look for a lined hood and one that fits well. Some hoods are intended as an accent and not to be functional, and may not cover the head well. Strings that allow you to tighten the hood will help to make it fit better.

Many Ways to Wear

One of the best things about a short sleeve sweatshirt is the versatility of the piece in your wardrobe. It makes a great layering piece, and can be worn over a tank top or a long sleeved t-shirt to change up your look. Some may have a full zipper that allows you to leave it open to show the shirt beneath, while a half-zip option gives a peek of color from the layer below.

A pullover short sleeve sweatshirt is a great cover-up to carry with you to the beach or when out for a walk. When it’s not really cold but you are feeling a bit of a chill, the short sleeves will keep you comfortable while taking the edge off the weather.

When you are shopping for a shirt sleeve sweatshirt, keep in mind what you plan to wear it for and what pieces in your wardrobe you might want to layer underneath it. This will make it easier to choose from the numerous style, color and fabric options that are available for you to choose from. Finding the right short sleeve sweatshirt for you is easy when you know what to look for.

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