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Choosing and Installing a Harley Davidson Radio

Choosing and Installing a Harley Davidson Radio

For those motorcycle enthusiasts who are looking for a Harley Davidson radio that goes beyond the standard system, there are a number of aftermarket options available to give you better sound quality and more features. You can choose your new Harley Davidson radio from such big names in audio as Harmon/Kardon and Sony. Selecting your new Harley Davidson radio is only the first step; installation is also something to consider.

If you are mechanically inclined and have some knowledge of basic wiring, you can probably install the radio yourself. However, you will want to consult the manual for your motorcycle as well as the guide that comes with the new radio before you begin. Installing a Harley Davidson radio is a little different from installing a car stereo, so if you aren’t sure you know what you are doing, you might want to have a professional install your radio instead.

A good place to start shopping for your Harley Davidson radio is at a dealer specializing in motorcycle audio systems. This will allow you to take a look at all the radios that are available and see how you feel about them aesthetically and functionally. Once you have a good idea of what works for you, you can start shopping around for the best deal on your radio. Bear in mind that while the price of the radio might be higher at a specialty shop, they might throw in free or reduced price installation if you purchase your new Harley Davidson radio from their shop.

If you plan to install your own radio, then shopping around for the best deal on the unit makes the most sense. When considering your options, bear in mind that services like Sirius or XM radio may have a subscription fee required, so add that into the overall cost of the radio you select. You will probably already have the tools on hand to install your Harley Davidson radio , but if you don’t, new tools are another cost to consider. Make sure it makes financial sense to install the radio yourself before you make the decision. In some cases it might make more sense to simply pay to have it installed.

Your new Harley Davidson radio should be installed with caution to ensure there is no damage to the bike or the original wiring that that could void your warranty or cause problems down the line. The internet is a great source for advice and tips on the actual installation process, which will differ a little from model to model but generally require the same steps and equipment. Once you have installed a motorcycle radio once, doing it again will be much simpler.

After market Harley Davidson radio options will give you access to better sound and features a factory radio might not have. For those who spend a lot of time on their bike, having a great audio system makes the experience that much better. Choosing and installing the right Harley Davidson radio will let you take for favorite music along for the ride.

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