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Choosing a Furniture Trailer

Choosing a Furniture Trailer

Everybody knows what a hassle it is to move. The planning, the stress and all the little inconveniences inherent in the act of moving make it one of the most dreaded activities one can participate in—a chore which exacts an extreme toll on you, both physically and mentally.

Unfortunately, the stress involved in the moving process is unavoidable, as there is always a certain level of emotional discomfort and discord in any activity which represents a major change in the status quo, but the physical demands of moving can be lessened significantly with the right equipment, and no piece of equipment is more important than a furniture trailer.

I can still remember the first time I moved—and all the mistakes I made which made this experience so absolutely miserable. Instead of hiring out a furniture trailer, I decided to round up a couple of friends with pickup trucks and move my belongings one piece at a time. After two long days of constant lifting, loading and unloading, we finally finished the job, but I swore the next time would be different. And when the inevitable “next time” finally arrived, I decided to look into furniture trailers. Just by doing some simple research into the various types available—and the conveniences they provide—I was able to save myself, and those who elected to help me, a whole lot of work.

Deciding on the Right Furniture Trailer

When it comes time to move, the right furniture trailer can save you a lot of time and labor, but with many different options available it can be difficult to decide which type is best for you. Here we will discuss the various sizes of furniture trailers and the options they provide.

Furniture Trailer Size

The first thing you’ll need to do is decide on a size for your furniture trailer, based upon the amount of furniture that needs moving. A small, one-bedroom apartment, for example, may only require a 10 foot trailer, while a larger house, full of furniture, will require one significantly larger. Keep in mind that the larger sized trailers will cost a bit more than their smaller counterparts, but for moves consisting of many heavy pieces of furniture, it can be well worth the extra money to rent out the larger size. The real trick in deciding upon a size is to choose the one requiring the least amount of trips back and forth from the old location to the new. This will save you an awful lot of work in the long run.

Loading Options

A few trailers, especially the smaller ones, still require you lift each piece of furniture the 3-7 feet from the ground to the truck—a task which can quickly tire you out—but most trailers today provide loading options which will make the work measurably easier to bear. Trailers with ramps, for example, which provide a graduated climb from the ground to the moving compartment, allow you to simply wheel or carry your heavy furniture into the trailer without having to hoist it up.

Trailers with hydraulic lifts, in which the furniture is wheeled onto a platform and then hoisted up mechanically, can be found on larger trailers, and this technology can save you the back-breaking work of moving your furniture from the ground to the trailer. There are even grounded trailers, in which the entire moving compartment is lowered to ground level, allowing you to wheel or carry your furniture directly into the truck.


Once you’ve chosen the trailer of correct size and preferred loading method for your individual needs, make sure it comes equipped with the various options you’ll need to make your move safe and convenient. Furniture ties, covers and cushions, for example, can keep your belongings safe and secure during your move and a furniture dolly or furniture mover can save you a lot of unnecessary lifting.

When it’s time to move, learn from the mistakes I’ve made and look into renting a well-equipped furniture trailer. The time you will save, coupled with the decreased amount of wear and tear on your body is well worth the cost.

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