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Clever Designs for Dental Business Cards

Clever Designs for Dental Business Cards

In any business, your business card is your introduction to people and should say a lot about you. When it comes to dental business cards, you want to choose something that really stands out from the crowd and represents your practice appropriately. The key to great dental business cards is choosing a design that is appropriate to your practice and to the market you are trying to approach.

Just as not all dental practices are created equal, so too are no dental business cards the same, nor should they be. If your dental practice has a particular focus; for example, if you specialize in children or in fearful patients, you should take the opportunity on your business card to make that clear. Your dental business cards are the best way to tell people what your practice is all about, so use them to their fullest.

Dental business cards for pediatric dentist should use colorful patterns and graphics with a friendly feel. Look for fonts that have a childlike feel to them, and consider using a cute mascot such as a happy tooth or toothbrush to further draw attention. Parents looking at your dental business cards should feel that you have a true love for children and that they can entrust their kids to you. Show them that you understand your audience with dental business cards that are designed for kids.

Dental business cards for upscale, cosmetic dentistry or catering to older patients should be a little more refined. Choose easy to read but attractive fonts and avoid the kind of goofy mascots you might have for a family or pediatric practice. In this type of practice, you want to show class and reserve, which is what draws in older generations.

Dental business cards can’t contain too much information about you and your practice due to their size, so using a clever slogan to advertise your special skills or services is a great way to get a message across. Use the brief slogan to indicate if you specialize in fearful patients, or if you accept emergency or walk in patients. When your dental business cards are passed around, the first thing a potential patient should note is what specifically you have to offer that makes you different from every other dentist.

In a small space and with few words, your dental business cards should tell the reader who you are, what you specialize in, and what they can expect from your practice. The right fonts, images and a short slogan can be combined to create a small and simple but cohesive overview of what you as a dentist and your practice are all about. When you choose the right dental business cards, you will find that the people who are looking for exactly what you provide as a dentist will easily recognize and locate you. Let your dental business cards speak for you when you aren’t there to introduce yourself, and let them make a clear statement about what patients can expect when they select you as their dentist.

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