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Cognos Tutorial – Where to Find the Best One

Cognos Tutorial – Where to Find the Best One

The first place to go for a Cognos tutorial should be the official Cognos website, where you can find a few different Cognos tutorials. Their Cognos PowerPlay Transformer Guide is intended for data warehouse developers and includes an overview, six chapters and an example drill through. This Cognos tutorial illustrates how to connect to various data sources, create dimensions, define measures and analyze and compare data even if it has been grouped on different detail levels.

On the Cognos website, you can also find an IBM Cognos 8 BI tutorial, which includes an installation guide, an overview of their metadata modeling, an explanation of the Cognos Office Connection application and examples of report types that can be created with Report Studio.

Cognos Tutorial Websites, Videos & Blogs

If you need another Cognos tutorial that covers information not handled by the tutorials on the Cognos website, search online for more Cognos tutorials created by third parties. Whether you want a Cognos tutorial with images, detailed written instructions, video or a combination of all three, you’ll find it online. A Google search for “Cognos tutorial” will lead to many written, screencapped and video tutorials. Be sure to follow any link that looks promising – you will find many great Cognos tutorials on YouTube and personal blogs as well as professional websites.

Cognos Tutorial Books

For a more permanent and comprehensive Cognos tutorial, invest in a printed Cognos book or guide. Search for these on Amazon, and choose the one that best suits your needs. A printed book can serve as a great Cognos tutorial because it covers more material than a website and allows you to make written notes on it, but it may also become obsolete or out-of-date if a new version of Cognos is released.

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