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All About The Coleman Mesa

All About The Coleman Mesa

Are you ready to say goodbye to another long winter? Are you excited about hitting the open road to spend some time outdoors? With the nice weather of the spring and summer months rapidly approaching, many people just like you are busy dusting off their camping gear in preparation for the coming season. But before you decide where you’ll camp this year, perhaps you should first decide on a premiere camping method—one which will combine the beauty of outdoor camping with all the conveniences of home. For this, maybe you should check out the Coleman Mesa.

The Coleman Mesa represents the next generation in pop-up camping, combining safety, convenience, comfort and mobility to provide you with a superior camping experience. If you have recently given some thought to purchasing a pop-up type camper and you’re more than ready to replace your old tents (and the hassle that comes with them), you might find the following information very helpful. Here we will discuss some of the specifics of the Coleman Mesa to help you make the most informed decision.

Coleman Mesa Dimensions and Construction

The Coleman Mesa is a 12-foot, box type camper with over 40 cubic feet of storage space for all your gear. When the camper is fully open, the inside dimensions measure over 25 feet long and 12 feet wide, giving you lots of space for almost any activity.

Also, the Coleman Mesa holds close to 26 gallons of water, including the water heater, most of which is conveniently stored directly under the camper unit.

Each Coleman Mesa camper is made using the finest tubular steel construction, with impact-resistant panels in the front, rear and sidewalls of the unit. Both the floor and roof of the Coleman Mesa consist of only one piece of material, the former made from heavy structure wood and the latter a fiberglass skin. And the side screen, also made from one piece (in this case mesh screening), allows for that pleasant evening breeze to enter the unit.

Kitchen, Bedroom and Bath

The kitchen in the Coleman Mesa comes equipped with a swing-level, tip-out galley, leaving lots and lots of space in the camper’s interior during meal times. And with the 1.9 cu ft refrigerator, deep bowl sink and 3-burner stove, preparing and cooking your family’s meals has never been easier. There’s even a carry out, high-pressure stove for outdoor cooking, and both an indoor dinette and carry out dining table.

Each Coleman Mesa comes standard with a large adult bed, both front and rear, each with a quilted mattress and privacy curtain, and both the interior seat and dinette can be converted into two smaller beds in the camper’s main compartment.

While there is no bathroom in the Coleman Mesa, it does come equipped for hot outdoor showers using the stored water supply.


The amenities of this fine camper are too numerous to mention, but it’s fair to say that with the AM/FM stereo, state of the art speakers, casual dining area, worry-free shut off for interior lights and the cable television attachment you’ll always be quite comfortable in the Coleman Mesa.

If this is the year you finally decide to step-up your camping experience to a new level, you really must take a look at the Coleman Mesa pop-up camper.

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