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Colorado Motorcycle Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

Colorado Motorcycle Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

A motorcycle is a fun and also economical way to get around town, but for everyone wanting to ride in Colorado, the law requires that Colorado motorcycle insurance be in place.  Just like driving a car, you are obligated to carry a liability insurance policy on your motorcycle to protect yourself and also to protect others. Colorado motorcycle insurance laws are similar to those found in other states and in many ways mirror the automobile laws found in the state.

Colorado motorcycle insurance laws require that you carry the minimum liability levels of $25,000 per person, $50,000 per incident for bodily injury coverage and $15,000 per incident for property damage.  This is the legal minimum for Colorado motorcycle insurance, but that does not mean that it is the right coverage for you.  If you want to be street legal to take your bike out on the road, then the minimum might be acceptable, but to truly protect yourself and the others on the road, you should consider some higher levels of coverage.

One of the first things to look at when you choose your Colorado motorcycle insurance policy is the level of liability coverage you want on your policy.  While the legal minimum means you are fulfilling your obligation, it does not necessarily mean you are properly covered.  In a serious accident, the property damage and injury costs can quickly exceed the legal minimum.  At that point, you will find yourself legally responsible for paying the remaining bills.  This can very quickly reach into the tens of thousands, and your insurance company will not be responsible for any more than the limits on your policy.  You should consider carrying higher liability limits than the legal minimum to keep yourself protected.

Another coverage you need to look at for your Colorado motorcycle insurance policy is collision coverage.  If you carry only liability insurance, you will not receive any compensation for the damage to your motorcycle as a result of an accident where you are at fault.  Collision coverage makes sure your vehicle will be repaired when the accident is your fault.  This is usually sold on Colorado motorcycle insurance policies in conjunction with comprehensive coverage.  Comprehensive coverage also provides you with protection from theft, vandalism and all the other possible risks aside from an accident.

Colorado motorcycle insurance policies also offer a number of other coverages that include roadside assistance for breakdowns and rental car coverage for when your bike is out of service for a covered claim repair.  Your personal choice in a Colorado motorcycle insurance policy depends on your needs and financial situation.

To get the right Colorado motorcycle insurance policy for you, it is best to sit down with an insurance agent and discuss the options.  Your agent will guide you through the options on a Colorado motorcycle insurance policy and make sure you select the coverage that is needed for you to provide proper protection. Every time you hit the road in Colorado on your motorcycle, you should feel confident that you can handle anything that might come your way.

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