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Cooks Pest Control: Serving the South

Cooks Pest Control: Serving the South

With its headquarters in Decatur, Alabama, Cooks Pest Control is a Southern-grown business that has been providing quality pest control services to the people of the South for over 80 years. In 1928, John L. Cook started a pest control business aimed at eradicating termites. Since then, the family owned business has grown and expanded to serve a wide variety of pest control needs.

Although it started in Alabama, Cooks Pest control now serves three Southern states: Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. Over 20 cities in these states have Cooks Pest Control office available to serve their customers.

Cooks Pest Control offers their customers a superbly trained staff, and even has a nationally recognized training system for their staff that provides the highest level of education. With exhaustive background checks, superior training and a commitment to quality, Cooks Pest Control ensures that only the best pest control technicians and staff enter your home, keeping you safe, secure, and confident.

Cooks Pest Control offers free inspections of your home or business to determine what sort of pest problem you have, and the extent of the problem as well. The staff will then discuss with you the possible solutions to your problem so that the best course of action can be chosen. Cooks offers a variety of services including control of multiple types of pests, perimeter protection, and special services such as installing moisture barriers. Cooks Pest Control does not simply eliminate the problem, they also work towards a proactive method of preventing a re-infestation.

With a long and proud history of providing the highest quality pest control services and a professional yet family oriented approach, Cooks Pest Control has become the provider of choice for Southern families and businesses who are served by the 42 Cooks branches in three states. As the company continues to grow, their reputation will grow as well.

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