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Cool Ideas for Construction Business Cards

Cool Ideas for Construction Business Cards

In this ever competitive construction market, the business cards that you select to represent your business could prove to be very useful in drawing in new business. Here are several great ways to help your construction business cards stand out from the rest!

Showcase Your Masterpiece

If there is a particular building or home that your company is particularly proud of, consider adding it as the crowning feature of your business cards. Not only will you be able to immediately demonstrate to potential clients the quality of work that you are capable of doing, but you will also be able to add a vibrant eye-catching image to what could otherwise be a dull run-of-the-mill business card.

Design A Visually Appealing Logo

Every company, no matter what their line of work, needs a logo that not only accurately represents their business but that also helps to set them apart and define them as a powerful group of professionals. If your current logo is a little bit drab, consider employing the talents of a skilled graphic designer who can help to add a little bit of pizazz to your logo!

An eye-catching logo on your business card can also help to build brand and business identification amongst your current and potential future clients.

Discount Offers

A great way to ensure that your business cards are kept by your potential clients is to print a discount offer on the back side of your construction business cards. If your potential business leads see that they can save 10 – 25% off of their next construction job with your company, then they will be much more likely to hang on to your card!

Magnetic Business Cards

There is no doubt about it, magnetic construction business cards can help your business to stick around in the minds of your potential business contacts. All fun and puns aside, you should not overlook the usefulness of a magnetic business card; while they are somewhat pricier than the standard cards are, they are a lot less likely to be thrown away by your potential clients. Residential clients will likely place yours on their fridge to hold up the latest PTA notices – which effectively puts your business right in front of them the very next time that they have a need for one of your services.

Business clients are likely to place your magnetic card onto a filing cabinet or office fridge – which will serve much the same purpose as when placed on the fridge in a private residence. Your business name and contact details will be readily available, should there be a need for them.

Another option that has been growing in popularity is to have large magnetics printed out that are not just business cards but that are also full 12-month calendars. While potential clients are more likely to keep magnetic construction business cards over the traditional card versions, they are almost certainly going to keep a magnetic business card that serves a useful purpose as a calendar!

Before have your cards printed be sure that all of your contact information is accurate and up to date! There is little sense in creating fantastic construction business cards only to have inaccurate contact information printed on them!

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