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Corn Blasting Basics

Corn Blasting Basics

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but when I first heard the term “corn blasting” I pictured some farmer in an Iowa field using blasting caps to harvest his yield, so before you make the same mistake I did, let me assure you that corn blasting has nothing to do with farming or explosives.

Corn blasting, also known as corn cob blasting, is a revolutionary and environmentally safe method for removing the old finish from a log, or wood structure and preparing it to be re-stained. Unlike pressure washers or chemical finish removers which require a significant amount of drying time, corn blasting is an entirely dry process, leaving your log structure ready to be re-finished immediately.

How Corn Blasting Works

The corn blasting process is similar to sand blasting, only the grit in this case is made up of ground-up corn cobs. This grit exits the blaster through the attached hose and is applied to the side of the wood structure under very high pressure. When the process is completed, the dust can simply be blown off and the structure is ready for the next phase of the project.

Corn blasting is environmentally safe and the residual dust from the blasting process is 100 percent biodegradable. In fact, excess dust particles, which may be blown into surrounding areas such as grass and flower beds, can actually be used as mulch.

Without question, the most beneficial aspect of corn blasting is that the process is completely dry from start to finish. Other finish removal methods, such as pressure washing, require that you wait until the wood has dried before starting the next phase of your project, and then there’s no precise way to be sure if you have waited long enough. Unless you have a moisture meter to test your logs for water content, it’s all a guessing game. With corn blasting you’ll never have to wait for the wood to dry before applying the new stain. Just blow the dust off and start in on the next phase.

Chemical finish removers can be extremely harmful to the environment and pressure washing can alter the wood giving it a faded or fuzzy appearance. Only with corn blasting can you ensure a quality finish removal which is both dry and environmentally safe.

Corn blasting, despite its superiority over other removal methods, is actually quite affordable and incredibly easy to learn. The corn cob grit typically comes in 40 pound bags with each bag covering between 75 and 100 square feet, depending on the thickness of the finish that needs removing. Just add the grit to the blaster and apply. It really is that simple.

Restoring your log structure to its original luster does not have to be an arduous chore involving layer after layer of chemical peels, or hours of pressure washing that saturates your logs, leaving them looking altered and blotchy. With corn blasting you can safely remove the old finish quickly and easily and be ready to apply the new stain in no time.

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