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Create the Perfect Shower Experience With Massaging Shower Heads and a Shower Head Extension

Create the Perfect Shower Experience With Massaging Shower Heads and a Shower Head Extension

Taking a shower is often a rushed experience, but turning your morning shower into a relaxing moment in your day is possible.  Massaging shower heads are the perfect bathroom addition to turn your shower from a place where you get clean to a place where you relax and feel ready to face your day.  Massaging shower heads are also a great way to unwind at the end of the day with a warming and rejuvenating shower experience.  Adding a shower head extension can make your massaging shower head experience even better.

Most massaging shower heads offer a number of different settings that don’t just rain water down on you, they help to ease sore muscles, release tension and feel truly refreshed and relaxed.  Massaging shower heads turn a regular shower into a spa-like experience.  To get the most out of a massaging shower head, you will want to add a shower head extension.  This will allow you to point the soothing water from the shower head at any part of your body that needs some attention.  For aching shoulders a shower head suspended above you might work, but if your legs or feet are tired and need a massage, using a shower head extension is the only way to get the power of the water down to that area of the body.

Massaging shower heads can be added to any shower, whether it is a shower stall or a shower and bath combination.  They are easy to install and don’t usually require any special tools or professional help.  You can purchase massaging shower heads at any home improvement store or bath specialty store, and they generally come with all of the necessary parts to get them installed properly.  You can also purchase a shower head extension in the same place.  In many cases you can even purchase a combination of the two parts in an all in one package to save you money and time.

Massaging shower heads are generally easy to adjust; in most cases there is a simple dial that you can turn until the water coming out of the shower head is exactly as you like it.  You can still adjust water pressure using your shower knobs, but also adjust the pressure, speed, and the direction of the water flow directly from the shower head itself.  Some of the settings on a massaging shower head include one large stream of water that can be directed right at a sore spot on your body, or multiple streams of water that create a light massaging effect.  You should be able to adjust the shower head’s setting to create exactly the right combination of water stream and pressure for your personal taste.

Getting a massage can be expensive, but a massaging shower head is an investment you will only need to make once.  After that you can enjoy the experience any time you like simply by stepping into your shower.  The hot water and steam in your shower will also contribute to the experience, making a peaceful place for you to enjoy right in your own home.  Turn it into a true spa experience with scented body wash and candles as well, for a quiet moment to yourself that is the perfect experience.

There are a number of massaging shower heads on the market, but it is best to stick to well known brands that have a reputation for quality and durability.  Your shower is something you use every day, so go for quality to make sure you will be happy with the results.  Look to brands that are well known in the faucet and shower head industry to ensure quality and avoid wasting your money on a shower head that does not deliver.  Often you can save a bit of money on the shower head extension instead by purchasing a lower cost brand, and that will allow you to splurge on the shower head itself, which is the main part of the experience.

Massaging shower heads are the easiest way to improve your shower experience and help deal with aches and pains from every day life.  Once you have one in your home, you will wonder how you ever took a shower without it!

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