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Creative Ideas for Quinceanera Cakes

Creative Ideas for Quinceanera Cakes

A Quinceanera is a major milestone for a young Hispanic girl! Celebrated when she turns fifteen, the Quinceanera marks the milestone of a child entering into young womanhood. While the finer details of the celebration can vary around the world, the core of the celebration remains the same. Selecting a Quinceanera cake can prove to be just as important as selecting the perfect dress!

Starting With The Theme

If there is a theme for the Quinceanera party itself consider having a cake made that fits in ideally with the chosen theme. When it comes to the selection of a theme, the personality of the young lady being celebrated should be the foundation of the party.

  • Does she have a love for music? Perhaps a musically themed cake that is festooned with musical notes and possibly even a marzipan guitar or drum set could be just the thing to bring a smile to the birthday girl on her special day.
  • Does the young lady aspire to be a veterinarian? A cake with an animal theme, perhaps with elegantly sculpted tigers and elephants, could be a wonderful addition to her themed Quinceanera.
  • For a much more elegant theme for the big party consider Quinceanera cakes that have a princess theme – with roses, and lilies, and delicate lacy details that can be the crowning touch to this special day.
  • Another elegant idea is to add silvery stars and moons to a dark chocolate cake in an effort to symbolize the young lady’s unlimited potential to reach for the stars.

Selecting The Bakery

The selection of the bakery is an important part of the process as it is all too possible to select a bakery without the creativity and vision to design the best there is in Quinceanera cakes for this special event.

Ask the bakery to provide you with examples of their designs by way of a portfolio; a reputable bakery will be able to provide you with a selection of Quinceanera cakes that they have created for the special day of other young ladies. If your idea for the cake is something unique then be sure that your selected bakery is willing to provide you with a sketch of their interpretation prior to the actual creation of the cake. Don’t forget to relay to the bakery any colors and other special theme items that should be incorporated into the cake.

Letting The Table Set The Tone

While the decorations for the event will certainly help to liven up an otherwise dull room, the table that the Quinceanera cakes will be set upon can help to set the tone for the entire evening. A table that is decorated with the young lady’s favorite flowers or with other items that relate to the theme of the night can help to set the tone for the party.

If the theme is elegant and related to flowers, consider hiring a sushi professional to create little sushi rolls that are in the shape of flowers. If sushi does not appeal to the young lady then consider small quiches and other types of pastries that are in the shape of flowers.

Remember that the most important part of the event and the select Quinceanera cakes is that they make the young lady completely happy – it is her evening and she should thoroughly enjoy every moment of it!

Photo courtesy of Christian Frausto Bernal.

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