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Creative Martini Gift Basket Ideas

Creative Martini Gift Basket Ideas

If you are looking for a creative way to say thank you, a martini basket is the perfect answer. Martinis are a popular drink that is enjoyed by both men and women and a martini gift basket is so unique you will truly stand out from the crowd.

Choosing a Basket

The first step to putting together a martini gift basket is to find a basket. The basket should be relatively large and quite sturdy and can be easily found at craft stores. For aesthetics and padding, be sure to line the bottom with basket filling. If you are feeling a little more creative you can fill the bottom of the basket with cardboard coasters, note cards with martini recipes written on them or photos of iconic figures drinking martinis.

Choosing Extras for Your Basket

Next it is time to fill your gift basket with extras. Some good ideas would be martini glasses, martini shakers, glass charms which ensure guests never get their glasses switched and some other martini paraphernalia such as martini recipe books, magnets and more. Many craft stores also carry fun things such as “crystal ice cubes” which are essentially glass or plastic ice cubes that can be used to decorate the gift basket as well.

Martini Gift Basket Ideas

Now it is time to start filling your basket with ingredients for martinis. The essentials would be vodka, gin and vermouth. From here, you can create a “theme” for your basket which will help you shop for additional beverages and garnishes to put into your basket. Here are some creative ideas for a martini gift basket:

  • The Chocoholic: Chocolate martinis are a big hit with many people and chocolate is always a popular theme for a gift basket. A chocolate martini gift basket could include chocolate syrup, hazelnut liqueur, white chocolate syrup, raspberry liqueur and/or Baileys. Additionally, some fine chocolate and a peeler would be appropriate so that the person receiving the gift will be able to garnish his or hers next martinis in style.
  • The Classic Martini: A classic martini gift basket is the simplest to make because it really only needs gin, vermouth, orange bitters and some garnish such as candied lemon peels and/or a can of olives. If your martini gift basket is going to a friend who likes to keep things traditional, he or she will be thrilled with the simplicity of a classic martini basket.
  • The Exotic Martini: If the recipient of your gift basket loves travelling to exotic locations, then they will love an exotic themed martini gift basket. Start with recipe cards for drinks such as the Cajun martini, Caribbean Coffee martini, Bellini martini and then fill with the necessary ingredients. The ingredients needed for these three drinks are: pearl coconut vodka, coffee liqueur, peach Schnapps, champagne and cognac.
  • Dessert Dream Martini: Last but not least, if you are giving your martini gift basket to someone with a sweet tooth, consider filling the basket with ingredients that will allow them to make Banana Cream pie Martinis, Caramel Apple Martinis and Cookie Martinis. These ingredients would need to include vodka, chocolate chip liqueur, buttershots, pucker apple sour, banana liqueur and Stoli Vanil.

In the end the most important thing is to start with a theme, write out the necessary martini recipes, shop for the ingredients and most importantly, have fun making you martini gift basket!

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