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Cruises To Puerto Rico: How to Choose the Right One

Cruises To Puerto Rico: How to Choose the Right One

Puerto Rico is a popular destination for Americans looking for an affordable tropical vacation; there is no need to change money as the US dollar is used, and it is easy to reach by land or air.  While you can fly into Puerto Rico, cruises to Puerto Rico offer an entirely different experience.  A relaxing voyage by ocean with many ports of call and days spent enjoying the sunshine appeals to many, making cruises to Puerto Rico one of the most popular sea voyages available.

Departure City

Cruises to Puerto Rico typically start in Florida; the city of departure depends on the cruise line you select.  All of the major cruise lines offer cruises to Puerto Rico.  They are available in varying lengths and can include a number of other ports of call along the way.  You can expect the other stops along the way to include places like St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Grand Turk and even Mexican destinations such as Cozumel.  Cruises to Puerto Rico are truly an experience that will take you to more amazing destinations than just one.

Cruise Length

Cruises to Puerto Rico start at seven days and go up to fourteen days.  You generally won’t find a cruise that is shorter than that due to the distance involved.  The longer cruises will have more ports of call, and offer longer shore excursions and stays at the exotic destinations along the way.  If you want to truly enjoy your vacation, the longer cruise will feel less rushed and offer a lot more relaxation and a slower pace of life.

Port of Call in Puerto Rico

Most of the cruises to Puerto Rico stop in San Juan which is the capital of Puerto Rico.  Here you will enjoy the beauty and culture of the Caribbean while still having access to the comforts of American life.  You won’t have to change your money and can easily access the same banks and businesses you are used to.  Puerto Rico is a beautiful Caribbean destination with no hassle.

When to Book

There are cruises to Puerto Rico departing all year round, although you will find better rates on cruises during the off season which for Puerto Rico is the late Spring through the late Fall.  Hurricane season in the area typically occurs in November, so use caution when booking cruises to Puerto Rico during that time period.  It is definitely not the season when you want to be out on the open water.  Winter is the major tourist season in Puerto Rico, so you will find the rates are higher and everything is busier.  Book early if you are planning to escape the winter cold with a trip to Puerto Rico to ensure you get the cabin you want on your cruise.

With the many options for cruises to Puerto Rico, you can find the vacation of your dreams easily on board a beautiful craft where you will feel like you are on a floating hotel.  Certainly your cruise to the beautiful Caribbean will be a vacation you will not soon forget; cruises to Puerto Rico are the trip of a lifetime.

Photo courtesy of Tomas Fano.

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