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Decorative Rubber Stamps Collecting for Beginners

Decorative Rubber Stamps Collecting for Beginners

Rubber stamps have come a long way since their debut back in the 1800′s. Originally designed for post office and manufacturer labeling, and later used to stamp paperwork in offices, rubber stamps have since developed into a creative tool and made their way into the mainstream craft market. First entering the hobby world in the 1980′s, decorative rubber stamps drew fans for a number of reasons. Whether building a collection to showcase them, or using them to add flare to handmade art projects and stationary, many people are finding that using and acquiring rubber stamps is quickly becoming their favorite hobby.

Decorative Rubber Stamps Construction

The design and production of decorative rubber stamps has not changed much in the many years since their introduction. While you can create stamps out of a variety of materials ranging from plastic to potatoes, quality decorative rubber stamps are usually made from red-dyed gum erasers. Once the rubber has been molded and carved, it is attached to a thin foam cushion and mounted. Good rubber stamps are usually mounted on either heavy maple wood, clear acrylic, or foam. All three styles of mounted stamps have a foam cushioning positioned between the stamp and the mount, and the stamp image is usually inked on the top of the mount. You can also find unmounted rubber stamps which is just the rubber image without the foam cushion or mount. You can then mount these yourself by attaching them to matching pieces of double-sided adhesive foam, then attaching the foam to a similar-sized mount.

Decorative Rubber Stamps for Collectors

For collectors, seeking and finding antique or limited stamps, as well as stamps from companies that had gone out of business, offers a new thrill. A few early companies like Inkadinkadoo, and Stampendous, are still around creating new stamps, but other favorites like Personal Stamp Exchange (PSX) have either been bought out by other companies or simply gone out of business. These and other stamp manufacturers usually have their own full time staff of artists working in-house who design the stamp images. Those images then become exclusive property of that company. Often times, when a company no longer manufacturers a specific stamp design or series of stamps, they will “retire” that particular stamp. This can cause the value of that stamp to go up dramatically, and locating these stamps is a fun and rewarding challenge for many avid collectors. Some collectors of decorative rubber stamps choose only to display them for decorative purposes. Of course, monetary value and personal value aren’t the same thing, and not all stamp collections go unused. Many crafters simply enjoy acquiring a collection of beautiful stamps. Having the opportunity to showcase them for their own enjoyment is secondary to having a large quantity of unique stamps to choose from, though proudly displaying the stamps on a shelf or in a nice cabinet can also help keep their collection organized and readily accessible.

Decorative Rubber Stamps for Beginners

You don’t have to be a collector to enjoy building your own decorative rubber stamp collection. Decorative rubber stamps can be found with just about any image you could be interested in, and if you can’t find the design that you’re looking for, many retailers will be happy to make a custom design that suits your needs. You also have the option of learning how to make your own. With the wide array of options you have for decorative rubber stamp designs, it’s easy to find a stamp for every occasion. Using these stamps is a fun and inexpensive way to be creative and personalize almost any project. They can be used to create homemade greeting cards, add flare to a letter or invitation, or to enhance the pages of a scrapbook. Rubber stamp enthusiasts can find an array of designs with images ranging from flowers, individual letters and numbers, and cartoon characters, to symbols, logos, and inspirational phrases. Decorative rubber stamps can also come in handy in the office as well. Sure, they can be designed to stamp your company logo, but they can also include your company motto framed with a fun border, an appreciative note in a handwritten font, or even your own personal signature.

If you’re considering collecting decorative rubber stamps as a hobby, there are a variety of online communities and resources available to help you on your journey. Hobby supply stores will also be able to answer any other questions you might have. Whether you’re a collector or a stamp-craft hobbyist, you’ll want to remember to keep your stamps away from excessive heat and sun and clean your stamps thoroughly after each use. This will help ensure longevity and continued usability of your stamp collection so that you’ll be able to enjoy your decorative rubber stamps for many years to come.