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Desktop Copiers: How to Choose the Best One

Desktop Copiers: How to Choose the Best One

In a large office enviroment, a large floor model copier makes good sense.  However, for small office or even a home office or personal use, desktop copiers are usually the machine of choice.  They are much more affordable both to purchase and to maintain, and can do the occasional copying jobs that are required at home or even fairly frequent ones in an office environment.  Desktop copiers are small so they take up much less space, which is important in a small office or home workspace.

Desktop copiers come in two main types: single purpose units that act only as copiers, and multi-function units that are copiers, printers and often scanners as well.  These three in one units are very popular choices for home use, and also often appear in many small businesses.  They are convenient because they can do three josb in one, but they may not produce the same type of copy quality as a dedicated desktop coper can.  If you make a lot of copies and quality is important, then a single function desktop copier is probably what you are seeking.  If you simply need occasional copies and also need scanning and printing functions, look to a three in one unit.

All of the big names in printing and copying make desktop copiers.  This makes it easy to select a reputable brand from among the choices.  You will find desktop copiers on the market from brands like Canon and Zerox.  Some of these desktop copiers are even portable, so that you can use them both at home and at work and even take them with you if you have important client meetings where a copier might be needed.  

A single function model will start at around the $150 range.  You will probably find that there are not as many available choices for single function desktop copiers as there once were.  Today the three in one printer, scanner and copier has become such a popular choice that there are not many single function desktop copiers manufactured.  Still, you should be able to find one at your local office supply store.  Barring that, you can certainly locate the one you are seeking on the internet.  There are several desktop copiers sold through major online retailers, you should have no trouble finding what you need.

Desktop copiers have replaced the large copying units that were once the staple of offices large and small, and made it possible for smaller businesses to have a copier of their own and avoid having to go out to pay for copies.  Anyone can have their own copier thanks to the affordable models available today, and the quality of the copies has improved greatly over the years.  Desktop copiers can do just about anything a large copier can do, making them the best choice for anyone on a budget.

The best way to shop for desktop copiers is to spend some time reading the reviews of other users.  Check also on the price of replacement ink, as some models can be very expensive.  Finally, you will have to decide whether you want a dedicated copier or a multi-function.

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