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Different Options for Metal Label Holders

Different Options for Metal Label Holders

Metal label holders are a simple way to add labels to a variety of surfaces. They can be used to keep binders labeled and organized, and also work for labeling filing cabinet drawers, boxes and more. Metal label holders come in a variety of looks and finishes that allow you to not only be organized, but add a personal and attractive touch as well.

Unlike just using a sticker, metal label holders won’t come off over time or wear away like a sticker can. If the label itself gets damaged, you can simply replace it. With stickers, it is harder to replace them as they tear when you remove them; you often have to place a new label over top instead. Metal label holders make it easy to change out your labels, whether to put in a new one or if you have changed the contents and a new label is required.

Metal label holders come in both very basic and more decorative styles. The simple type is usually a basic metal with a simple attachment system. These are an excellent choice for just about any basic use where you don’t really care about how it looks as long as it functions well. They are affordable and can be bought in large bulk packages to save money.

Decorative metal label holders come in a variety of finishes and styles. You can choose from brushed finishes, different colors like bronze and nickel, and of course different designs as well. The more decorative type of label holder is great for scrapbooks or photo albums, as well as for storage bins that are meant to be visible and thus need to fit into your décor. From modern lines to antique looks and finishes, there are metal label holders that can fit into any style you choose.

Some metal label holders are attaching using a staple or small nail, while others can be attached using tape or glue. The attachment system you will want depends on the application. For a box, a staple might function well, while on a photo album glue might be a better choice to avoid damaging the photos with sharp edges that might pass through the cover. Many metal label holders give you the choice of which attachment system to use, which makes them more versatile than those with only one attachment type.

Metal label holders can be purchased from craft supply and office supply stores, depending on what type you are seeking. Generally office supply stores will carry the more basic versions, while decorative options can be found at craft supply stores. If you are seeking a specific look for your metal label holders, you might need to search online, where there is a better selection/

Whatever your needs, there are metal label holders that will fit the bill. They make it much easier to keep things organized as well as to change out the label on any surface without mess or damage. From basic to decorative, get organized with your choice of metal label holders.

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