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Different Types of Bull Grills

Different Types of Bull Grills

A popular name in outdoor grilling, Bull grills are top of the line stainless steel grills that are considered some of the best in the business. Bull grills are manufactured to the highest quality standards and provide a stellar outdoor cooking experience. There are five different models of Bull grills , all of which provide the same basic features but with some differences.

All Bull grills include dual lined stainless steel hoods, stainless steel knobs and warming racks as well as thermometers to allow you to keep just the right level of heat for your cooking needs. The smallest model of Bull grills is the Steer BBQ, which features 30,000 BTUs of cooking power. It includes a smoker box and a grease tray in addition to the other basic features all Bull grills have in common.

The next in the Bull grills lineup is the 36,000 BTU Lonestar, which has 3 stainless steel burners. The 60,000 BTU Angus is a four burner grill that includes additional features such as a motorized rotisserie and a chrome plated spit and rod. Moving up through the Bull grills lineup, the Brahma has 75,000 BTUs across five burners and heavy duty thermometer in addition to all the high end features you expect from this level of grill. Finally, the top of the line Bull grills model is the 105,000 BTU Bull 7 Burner grill that can handle just about any cooking task.

All Bull grills are built-in gas grills that provide an excellent cooking tool for all of your outdoor needs. For the perfect outdoor kitchen, Bull grills will do everything you want and more, making cooking outside just as pleasant as cooking inside. All Bull grills are backed by a strong warranty and a company with many years of experience in building the world’s best outdoor cooking surfaces.

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