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Dog House Heater: The Best Options for Your Pup

Dog House Heater: The Best Options for Your Pup

Are you the proud owner of a dog that, for various reasons, is not exactly welcome within the confines of your home?  Have you thought about how you will keep your dog warm during the night or during the cold winter months?  If not, perhaps you should, and to accomplish this there is really no better option than a dog house heater.  In this article we will show you why having a dog house heater is so very important and introduce you to a few types of dog house heaters currently for sale through a variety of pet supply vendors.

Why Do I Need a Dog House Heater?

When winter comes, or even during cold nights at any time of year, many dog owners open the doors to their homes and invite their four-legged friends inside, but for many people this is simply not an option.  Maybe allergies prevent you from having an “inside dog,” or perhaps your dog is simply too big.  Maybe he or she has yet to be housebroken or his barking keeps you awake at night.  Whatever the reason, the option of keeping your dog outdoors is yours to exercise, but before you just assume that your pooch will be warm enough outside in the bitter cold, you may want to think twice, especially when the temperature begins to drop.

A dog’s fur may allow him/her to brave colder temperatures than his human counterparts, but when it becomes truly cold outside even your dog can get “too cold” and his fur and body heat may not be sufficient to keep him warm inside his doghouse.  Regular exposure to cold temperatures can even prove dangerous to dogs if you’re not careful, which is why it’s wise to take some precautions. 

What Is a Dog House Heater and How Does it Work?

A dog house heater is really not much different than a standard room space heater.  Most units are electric (although battery operated models are also available) and they hang on the inside wall of the dog house.  These heaters are equipped with an internal thermostat which can be set to a temperature that is comfortable to your dog, and when the temperature dips below a certain mark, the heater will automatically click on.  Below are just a few types of dog house heaters available:

  • Standard Dog House Heater.  The standard dog house heater can be attached to the ceiling or wall of the dog house and is operated electrically.  A thermostat will keep track of the inside temperature within the dog house and will automatically turn on when the temperature gets too cold.
  • Deluxe Dog Heater.  Perhaps the most notable difference between the standard and deluxe dog house heater is that the deluxe dog house heater has a protective sleeve over the power cord which will both prevent and discourage your dog from chewing on the cord.
  • Crate Mat Heater.  If your dog will be kept in a crate or other enclosure at night, the crate mat heater will help keep him warm from the bottom up.  These heaters resemble heating pads and work in much the same way.
  • Dog House Heater with Ceramic Emitter.  This dog house heater has a ceramic emitter which looks much like a heat lamp.  The bulb, usually 65-70 watts produces approximately 240 BTUs of safe, reliable and dry heat.

Don’t let your dog be caught outside this winter without the proper protection.  To keep your dog safe and dry this season, pick up a dog house heater today.

Photo courtesy of dbrulz123.

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