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Double Hammock: What It Is and How to Find One

Double Hammock: What It Is and How to Find One

Is there any greater symbol of relaxation than the hammock?  It is truly the sign of a relaxing moment, and with a double hammock you can share that relaxing rest with someone you love.  A double hammock is much like a single hammock, except that it is designed to hold two people at once.  If swinging in a hammock relaxing beneath sunny skies with your loved one is your idea of a great time, then a double hammock is perfect for you.

Types of Double Hammock

There are two basic types of double hammock on the market.  One is the traditional rope hammock that is the type most often seen.  The other is the popular fabric hammock.  While the rope double hammock is generally more affordable and of course the classic choice, the fabric hammock has some advantages.  Many people choose it because it is more comfortable and easier on exposed skin.  Especially on a double hammock where the weight of two people is on the surface, rope hammocks can leave marks on the skin.  This is the major advantage of a fabric hammock.  There are also some quilted double hammock options on the market for extra comfort.  

Hanging a Double Hammock

You can suspend your double hammock however you choose, whether between two trees in the yard or on a specially designed stand.  The stand is an extra cost to the purchase of your double hammock, but has the major advantage of making the hammock easily movable, letting you chase that ray of sunshine or head for the shade if that is what you prefer.  If you do choose to use a couple of trees or another method of hanging your double hammock, you should make certain that it can bear the weight of two people!

Where to Find One

As the double hammock has become more popular, they are available in many locations.  Any place with a large selection of patio furniture is likely to offer the double hammock as well.  You may find that the selection in your local store is rather limited however, and if you have something in particular in mind for your double hammock color, style or type, you might want to try an online shopping option instead.

Just about any type of double hammock you can think of and in any color you could want can be found online for purchase.  Keep an eye out for shipping charges, though, because the double hammock can be quite heavy and therefore costly to ship.  Even more so if you choose to purchase a stand at the same time.  If you can, find a place that offers free shipping to save a lot of money.

Getting your double hammock set up is generally simple enough, especially if you have a stand.  Some hammocks come with a suspension kit for use on trees or other posts, while some do not.  If you don’t plan to use a stand, verify that the double hammock of your choice does come with the kit for mounting it.

A double hammock will quickly turn your yard into a great place to relax – and you won’t have to fight over who gets to use it!

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