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Dovonex Cream: Everything You Need to Know

Dovonex Cream: Everything You Need to Know

For anyone suffering from the itching and discomfort of psoriasis, Dovonex cream is a great option to find relief.  Known by the generic name of Calcipotriene. Dovonex cream is a prescription topical medication that you can obtain from your general practitioner or dermatologist to help get rid of the scaling, itching, flaking and build up associated with psoriasis.

Psoriasis is a common skin condition in which the immune system over reacts and creates an excess production of sebum on the skin.  It can be treated in one of two main ways; by the use of immune suppressant drugs that are take orally, or by the use of topical creams, lotions, or oils.  There are a number of different topical choices for treating psoriasis, ranging from strong corticosteroids to natural choices.  Dovonex cream is one of the prescriptions often given to patients who have not had success with over the counter or natural treatments for psoriasis.

Dovonex cream is what is known as a synthetic Vitamin D analog.  It regulates the production of skin cells and helps to prevent the build up of scales on the surface of the skin that create the patches of psoriasis break outs.  There are some possible side effects related to Dovonex cream that you should be aware of and should discuss with your doctor prior to using the medication.  The most common side effect is dry itching skin, but in some cases severe allergic reactions, burning, severe itch or allergic reactions may occur.  In this case, you should stop using the Dovonex cream immediately and contact your doctor.

Pregnant women should not use Dovonex cream, nor should anyone with high levels of Vitamin D or calcium.  Dovonex cream is known to increase sun sensitivity, so you should always use caution and apply sunscreen to your skin when you go outside during the use of Dovonex cream.  It should only be applied externally and should not come into contact with the eyes or mouth.

Dovonex cream works very well for many patients, but it may take several weeks of use to see full results.  If your doctor has prescribed Dovonex cream, you should use it only as directed and allow a few weeks for it to work.  Should you experience worsening of your symptoms instead, stop using your Dovonex cream right away and call your doctor.  Side effects and reactions are rare, but they do happen, so you should be aware of all the potential symptoms associated with use of this medication.

Dovonex cream may or may not be the right psoriasis medication for you.  Talk with your doctor about your options and be sure this is the best choice for treating your psoriasis. If you don’t see any results after several weeks of use, you should contact you doctor to see if another treatment is better for you.  Dovonex cream is generally safe and quite effective for many patients and is a good place to start with your prescription treatment of psoriasis outbreaks, especially moderate to severe ones.

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