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Dresser Scarves – To Make or Buy

Dresser Scarves – To Make or Buy

Dresser scarves are a beautiful and easy way to “dress up” your dresser and add your own touch to a room. Whether you want one more accent to tie in with your room’s décor, a way to spice up a bland room or something that will help an antique dresser that may not fit in with your room look more incorporated into your design theme, dresser scarves are the way to go.

Make Your Own Dresser Scarves

The best way to ensure that your dresser scarves match your room perfectly and are exactly what you want is to make them yourselves. When you are buying the fabric, you can use online tools or products available in fabric and hardware stores to find the exact shade you are looking for to perfectly accent your furniture, carpet, walls or bedspread. You can choose any number of fabrics in whatever colors you like and combine them in the perfect way to make your design come to life.

Making your own dresser scarves also gives you the freedom to choose the pattern, design and appearance. You can find patterns and tutorials that tell you how to make your own dresser scarves on the Internet or at a sewing goods store, and then you can make whatever variations you like on these patterns using the fabrics and colors that you want.

Making your own dresser scarves means you’ll get exactly what you want. If you wanted vintage dresser scarves but cannot afford them, you can sew your own based on an old pattern that looks just like the vintage ones! If you want something more modern but just don’t like the styles available at the moment, you can make exactly what your room needs.

Buy Handmade Dresser Scarves

If you can’t make your own dresser scarves but still want the control over appearance and the high quality that comes with handmade dresser scarves, try the DIY website Etsy.com. There, hundreds of artists sell handmade goods, and you can find plenty of handmade dresser scarves in beautiful patterns and colors. Etsy.com lets you search by color as well as by category, so finding the perfect dresser scarves is easier than ever.

If you have your heart set on a specific color or design that you can’t find already made, you can make an “Alchemy request” on Etsy.com describing exactly what you want and Etsy artists can bid on the project to make it for you. It’s the closest thing to making dresser scarves yourself!

Buy Pre-Made Dresser Scarves

If you don’t want to make your own dresser scarves, you don’t want to pay for handmade ones from an artist or you want vintage dresser scarves, larger retail outlets and online stores are better places to look. Dresser scarves made recently in contemporary designs and patterns can be found at places like House of Linens and Amazon. A simple Google search will find you plenty of online places to buy dresser scarves, or you could visit a home décor or linen goods store near you to look at their selection in person.

Finding vintage dresser scarves is just as easy. The online auction website eBay.com has a good number of vintage dresser scarves, and a simple Google search will bring up plenty of search results for online antiques stores with large selections of vintage dresser scarves. Or, you could head to an antiques store near you and try your luck – sometimes the best finds are tucked away somewhere just waiting to be discovered!

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