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Effective Church Growth Strategies

Effective Church Growth Strategies

Church is one of the longest standing community institutions that have helped people around the world from every culture join together to find meaning, support and respect for themselves and the people around them. The key benefit to attracting new members is that this will also bring in more donations and funds which will continue to foster growth. If a church is looking for new ideas to bring more people into their church there are a variety of effective growth strategies to build church membership that have proven successful for many organizations.

Start with Current Members

The first step to gaining new members is to build a loving, supportive and outgoing group of current church members. One of the best ways to learn about a church is from a satisfied current member. Many new church attendees learn about a church by word of mouth and satisfied members are much more likely to tell all their friends great things about their church than members who are dissatisfied. By developing a strong membership of people who love their church because it is a fun, uplifting and supportive place, they will be able to inspire others in their lives that are looking for a church to attend to join their organization.

 Get Involved in the Community

Community service projects are a great way to meet new people in the community that are also interested in service and being a member of an organization working for good, such as a church. Also, community service projects are an opportunity for members of a church to assimilate their church name with public good so that with time an entire town will recognize the church members and the name of their organization because the church is continually involved with helping around the town. Community service is also a great way to get current church members to feel even more connected to their church.

Host Events Open to Non-Members

Holding an event at a church is an excellent way to attract new visitors, give them more information on the church itself and is also a fantastic way to get members involved and learning new and practical skills such as event planning and marketing. Some appropriate events to host would be a lecture by an inspirational speaker or author, a seminar class to teach anything from effective marriage communication to time management or growing spirituality in everyday life. Other ideas include hosting a baby-sitting night where parents can drop their kids off to watch movies and play games while they get a date night, music performances and comedy improv nights. By promoting these events on the church’s website, library notice boards, local radio shows and newsletters, the events can be an effective strategy to grow church membership.

Hire the Right People

Having the right preacher or pastor speaking on worship days is also very important to growing a membership. When new people do decide to try out a church there will be many factors in their decision to come back but a big part of their decision will be if they feel a connection with what is said and who is saying it during worship. A dynamic pastor or preacher can make a great difference in attracting and retaining new members.

There are many people in the world looking for an organization to assimilate and connect with and for some of them a church is a perfect answer. By spreading the love, respect and knowledge of current members a church can reach their membership with some planning and community outreach.  

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