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Exploring the World in Luxury in a Coachman Travel Trailer

Exploring the World in Luxury in a Coachman Travel Trailer

Are you in the market for a new travel trailer or recreational vehicle this year? Have you considered, or had time to look into the Coachman travel trailer, better known as the “Spirit of America” and ranked by many consumer groups to be the number one travel trailer in its class? If not, you may find the following information very useful.

In the world of RVs and travel trailers it’s hard to find a model that offers the same level of all-day comfort, amenities and reliability you’ll find in the Coachman travel trailer, and with prices starting at under $15,000 there has never been a better time to buy. The following review will highlight some of the best features of the Coachman travel trailer to help make your decision a bit easier to make.

Coachman Travel Trailer: Construction that’s a Step Above

With a Coachman travel trailer you get construction which is head and shoulders above the competition. Each Coachman travel trailer has an exterior length ranging anywhere from 26 feet 7 inches to 37 feet 9 inches and a standard exterior width of 8 feet. The height of the Coachman travel trailer ranges from 10 feet 3 inches to 11 feet 1 inch and has a carrying capacity between 1800 and 3100 pounds. What these figures amount to, besides rugged durability and reliability you can count on, is the freedom to choose the perfect sized trailer for all your recreational needs.

Each Coachman travel trailer is constructed with tough aluminum-framed sidewalls, which are vacuum-bonded and weather-sealed, but you’d never know it by the price. Coachman trailers are priced competitively with similar sized trailers constructed using traditional wood panels.

Coachman Travel Trailer: Choose Your Own Floor Plan

The Coachman travel trailer offers 12 floor plans to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that is perfect for your needs—and your budget. Each floor plan features lots of residential amenities and easy-to-use features including hardwood or carpeted flooring, modern kitchen areas, window treatments and a rear lounge area with padded swivel chairs. And when it’s time to get some rest, there is plenty of room to stretch out and sleep with fore and aft sleeping quarters and a dining bench that converts into another comfortable bed.

The Coachman travel trailer is built with today’s family in mind and has gone the extra mile to ensure comfort and accessibility. All the beds are equipped with an inner spring mattress and each folds away neatly in the morning to make room for whatever the day may hold. The booth dinette with its pedestal table is the perfect place for family meals or a raucous night of cards, games and laughter.

There is plenty of storage in the Coachman travel trailer, both inside and out, with tough, weather resistant clasps to ensure all of your equipment remains safe and protected.

If you’re in the market for an affordable travel trailer this year, and you don’t want to sacrifice comfort and luxury, the Coachman travel trailer is definitely the way to go.

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