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Eyebrow Implants Explained

Eyebrow Implants Explained

Scientists have determined that one of the physical features that is almost universally considered when determining beauty is facial symmetry. Imperative to that symmetry is the placement and shape of the eyebrows. They frame the face and enhance the eyes, so it’s no wonder eyebrow implants are becoming one of the most sought after cosmetic treatments for men and women across the world.

With outer appearance being a huge factor on inner confidence, people want to look and feel their best. As a result, eyebrows often become overplucked or overwaxed in the process of shaping and grooming and may eventually stop growing back. This can result in unattractive eyebrows that are too thin, or have bald patches. Medical conditions that result in chemotherapy and radiation can lead to hair loss. Traumatic events like fires or car accidents, or other injuries near the eye that result in eyebrow loss or scarring can also create a need for eyebrow implants.

The Initial Consultation

Luckily, getting an eyebrow implant is a relatively simple procedure. It begins with a consultation with a surgeon who is skilled in hair transplants. Here, the surgeon will explain any risks, and you will discuss the process and determine the desired appearance of your post-operation eyebrows. One of the great things about eyebrow implants is that they are often preformed using your own hair. This means that not only do they look natural, and feel natural, they are natural. They will grow just like the rest of your hair because it is your hair. Artificial fibers are banned for use in implants, so doctors needed to find an alternative way of solving the issue of hair loss, and what better way than using real hair?

During the Eyebrow Implants Procedure

During the transplant, the doctor will provide local anesthesia and the patient will likely be asleep. The surgeon will take micro-grafts from the scalp area, usually from the back of the neck or behind the ear and will divide the graft into single follicle grafts. In some instances, like cases when patients have suffered complete hair loss, natural donor hair can be used instead. Each skin follicle graft is then carefully implanted into the eyebrow area, one at a time. If the surgeon is well trained in eyebrow implants, he will take care to implant the single hairs at the proper angle. This will ensure that as the hair grows, it will grow in the same direction as the original and existing hairs.

Side Effects and Complications

Side effects and complications are rare with eyebrow implants. Itching is usually the most common side effect. Because of the risk of infection caused by scratching, your doctor will usually be happy to prescribe an ointment to help relieve the irritation. Because the transplanted hairs are healthy new hairs, they will grow faster than normal eyebrow hair and will therefore still require grooming and trimming. It’s often recommended that patients apply eyebrow wax or eyebrow gel to new hairs to help “train” and tame them as the skin adjusts to the implants.

The Cost of Eyebrow Implants

The cost of the procedure varies by surgeon, whether or not donor hair is used, and the amount of single-hair grafts required. The price tag on this procedure averages around $4,000 dollars. Compared to the cost of maintaining your eyebrows using risky eyebrow tattoos or messy and unnatural eyebrow pencils, this may seem like a lot of money. However, when considering the impact that a sparkling set of beautiful new eyebrows will have on self-esteem, many people find that the cost of eyebrow implants is well worth it.

If you’re considering an eyebrow implant, be sure to check around and find a reputable surgeon who is well trained in this technique. You can find reviews of medical practices online, and often surgeons will have portfolios with before and after snapshots of eyebrow implants they have preformed. Once you have found a trustworthy doctor to preform your procedure, it’s as simple as making the appointment, meeting with the doctor, and sitting back and relaxing as the surgeon takes care of the rest. If you’ve been trying to find a solution for thin or balding eyebrows, an eyebrow implant may be the just fix you’ve been looking for.

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