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Fast and Efficient Soil Preparation with the Stihl Tiller

Fast and Efficient Soil Preparation with the Stihl Tiller

Are you thinking about planting a new lawn or garden this year? Do you have all the necessary tools to make your planting project a success, or at the very least, less of a headache? When planting a new lawn or garden, one of the most important—and, in fact, most dreaded—chores you will face is preparing the soil for planting. This can be backbreaking work, especially without the right tools, but it is absolutely vital to the success of your planting project. To help you with this task you’ll need a machine designed specifically for this type of assignment—one that is easy to handle, yet tough enough to thoroughly break up the soil and release the rich minerals and nutrients necessary for cultivation. What you need is a Stihl Tiller.

Why Do I Need a Stihl Tiller?

While gardening and landscaping is far from being an exact science, one thing that most experts all seem to agree on is that preparation and tilling of the soil before planting is a crucial and necessary first step. Tilling will help loosen your plot so that the roots of your new plants can grow feely and take hold, and releases the nutrients in the soil that help feed your new grass or plants. The Stihl Tiller (short for rotor-tiller) is a yard machine that makes turning and aerating soil a snap.

Features of the Stihl Tiller

The Stihl tiller is a lightweight cultivator that is strong enough for the toughest yard and garden projects. Here are some of its impressive features:

  • Multi-task tool. The Stihl tiller is much more than a simple cultivator. With its universal drive train this tiller has many functions and can be used as an aerator, edger and even a hard surface sweeper.

  • Powered by the Stihl HomeScaper Series Engine. The Stihl engine features quad power, a long life cylinder and easy to access air filter to make maintenance quick and easy.

  • Compact and Balanced. The Stihl Tiller is ergonomically designed and streamlined to allow for comfortable handling despite the size or difficulty of the project.

  • Convenient. With throttle functions such as start, run and stop built right into the handle you’ll never have to bend or stoop while operating your Stihl tiller.

  • Portable. The handles on the Stihl tiller conveniently fold in when you have finished your project and with its balanced carrying handle transporting your Stihl tiller is easy and hassle-free.

Every Stihl tiller comes standard with extra-strong, steel BF “pick” style tines which aggressively attack the soil and are guaranteed for the life of your machine.

If you’re planning a new lawn or garden venture this summer, loosening and turning the soil is a step you simply can’t ignore, but why spend hours bent over with a shovel and pick breaking up this soil by hand? With a Stihl tiller you can accomplish this same task quickly and more effectively, leaving you more time to just enjoy your new landscaping creation.

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