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Fast Dental Insurance, No Waiting Period

Fast Dental Insurance, No Waiting Period

When you are shopping for dental insurance, no waiting period is probably one of the features you would like in your policy. While many insurance companies do require a waiting period before your insurance policy kicks in, it is possible to find dental insurance, no waiting period at all so that you can get your coverage fast and use it when you need it.

If dental insurance is available from the company for which you work, you should not have any waiting period for coverage to start unless you are new to the job. If you already work there but have not opted to use your dental insurance yet, you might have to wait for open enrollment which is generally once a year. However, you should be able to get dental insurance, no waiting period if you have had a major life change such as getting married or having a baby. In these instances companies allow you to make change to your insurance policies immediately.

If coverage is not available through your workplace, you should still be able to find dental insurance, no waiting period for coverage through private insurance companies. Dental insurance is available through most companies that also sell health insurance, so check with your health insurance provider and find out what is available. In some cases you might be able to qualify for dental insurance, no waiting period if you are an existing customer already with another policy through the company.

In other cases, you might be able to get a limited policy quickly without any wait for the coverage to kick in. Many policies have waiting periods because they don’t want newly insured people to rack up a big bill right off the bat before they have paid much in premiums. The waiting period exists to avoid people who plan to sign up for dental insurance because they need dental work done and will bill large amounts to the policy and then possibly cancel quickly. For this reason, some dental insurance now waiting period required might be a bit more expensive than a policy with a waiting period. This allows the company to protect against large losses in revenue.

Some companies specialize in providing dental insurance, no waiting period, to new clients. Talk to an insurance broker to narrow down the field to those who will be able to provide you with instant coverage. From there, you can compare rates. There are also online services that allow you to search for policies that give you the exact features you want, including locating an immediate coverage policy.

If you need dental insurance, no waiting period so that you have coverage right away for your dental needs, the good news is that it’s possible to find such a policy. You will have to put in some time and effort searching for the right policy, and you may find that you end up paying a bit more for coverage than if you were willing to wait, but when you need a dentist, waiting can be hard!

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