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Finding and Using Chip Brushes

Finding and Using Chip Brushes

Chip brushes are a type of brush that looks like the average paint brush, but in fact has a wide variety of uses. Chip brushes can certainly be used for painting, but they are also often used for applying glue, acetones and resins. Because they are both affordable and versatile, they are great to have around in the toolbox.

Chip brushes come in many sizes and with many different types of bristles. Some of the various sizes available include half inch chip brushes all the way up to four inch. The bristles can be black, white, or grey. These are generally made from horsetail hairs. There are also synthetic bristled chip brushes, such as polyester and polyolefin styles. The different applications for these various brushes are nearly endless.

Chip brushes can be used for big jobs or small jobs, and some people even used them as art brushes when painting large murals. They are a very versatile type of brush that can be used in small places and large projects alike. Although they are not the most high quality brush that a painter might want to use when perfection is required, they are great for jobs that need less precision and ease of application. Because chip brushes are inexpensive, there is no worry about them being damaged when using messy products like glue and resin, which can ruin brushes.

Nearly every home improvement, hardware, and painting store carries chip brushes, but for the widest selection and the best price the internet is always a good place to shop. Purchased in bulk, you can get an incredible deal on the brushes. Although you might not think you have a use for a large quantity you will find that they can be used in so many different ways that the purchase will be well worth it.

If you aren’t sure what type of chip brush is right for your needs, visit your local home improvement store and speak with the staff. They will be able to direct you to the correct chip brushes with the right size and bristle type for the job you are trying to complete.

Chip brushes look just like paint brushes, so when you go shopping make sure that you read labels to ensure you are selecting the brushes that you need. While they can be used interchangeably in some cases, there are definitely jobs where a chip brush is preferable to a paint brush and vice versa. Look for chip brushes that don’t shed bristles easily, or you will find bristles stuck in your paint, glue or other product when the project is done.

If you aren’t sure which chip brushes will work for you, try purchasing a few different types. Luckily, the low price on most of the brushes makes it easy to buy a variety of options and give them a try at home. In this case, buying locally might be a good idea since you can look at the brushes and make a good guess as to which are the closest match to what you need.

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