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Finding the Perfect Picnic Plates

Finding the Perfect Picnic Plates

Have you ever went to an outdoor party or gathering where you had to perform a circus-style balancing act just to keep your food from crashing over—or through—the cheap, flimsy picnic plate you were given to use? You may laugh, but this is a common complaint of many picnic-goers—guests who refrained from loading up their plates because they openly feared the picnic plates they were supplied wouldn’t be able to stand the weight. But what are the alternatives? Should you or another party host risk using the good dinner service for an outside gathering where it could easily become broken or damaged? Probably not, right? Fortunately you have other options and in this article we will help make you aware of what some of those options are.

What to Look For In a Picnic Plate

Obviously, the first rule for choosing a picnic plate is to find one that is unbreakable, but this doesn’t mean you have to resort to paper plates. Picnic plates can be made from a variety of unbreakable materials, including tough, composite plastic and even carbon steel. Once you decide upon the other features you’re looking for in a picnic plate you’re certain to find one made from a material that suits your particular tastes.

Color is another important selling point for picnic plates, but since these plates come in such a huge variety of colors you can really get creative with this one. Most people choose a solid color for their picnic service—colors like red, blue, yellow and green—while others prefer some type of pattern design. Red and white checked plates, for example, are very popular colors among party hosts, as these colors just scream “picnic” and mirror the traditional color of picnic basket cloths and blankets. But if you really want to set yourself, and your special gathering apart, create your own unique design and have the plates specially made for the occasion. When it comes to picnic plate colors and styles, the sky really is the limit.

There are of course other factors to consider when choosing a picnic plate, among them size, weight and functionality. A small gathering, for example, where only appetizers and desserts will be served, might call for a small, light and more elegantly looking plate, while a large BBQ with many delicious courses might be better served on larger, heavier picnic plates with lots of room. Picnic plates can also come with divided compartments to help keep the different types of food in their rightful spot on the plate, but keep in mind that these types of plates will not be very functional if you’re serving a dish which is too large for any of the compartments.

When it comes to choosing the perfect picnic plates for your outdoor gathering, be as creative and unique as you want, but remember to consider the functionality of the plate in the process. Really, though, you cannot go wrong. There are literally thousands of colors, styles and options of picnic plates available, and all of them are preferable to those cheap, paper grocery store plates that are almost always more trouble than they’re worth.

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