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Front Door Mats With a Message

Front Door Mats With a Message

Front door mats are the classic choice for both welcoming people to your home and inviting them to clean their shoes before they enter. There are so many different types of front door mats on the market today that the choice can be almost overwhelming. Fortunately, it’s easy to narrow it down if you give some thought to what you want your front door mat to say about you and your home, as well as where you want to place it.

Front door mats can be narrowed down into a few main categories: decorative and functional, as well as outdoor and indoor mats. Of course, there is some crossover between these categories. Some front door mats can be used both indoors and out, and many are both functional and decorative at the same time!

Decorative front door mats generally are designed with either images or words or a combination of both. The classic choice is of course a mat that says “Welcome” but there are many variations on this theme available. The words can be surrounded by images or stand alone. There are also front door mats available that are a more humorous variation on the welcome theme, with funny phrases ranging from “Go Away” to rhymes and poems.

Some front door mats are meant to be more functional than they are decorative. They may be in simple solid colors and are meant to keep shoes clean before they enter the house. These door mats are often placed at back doors or patio doors as well as garage entrances where dirty feet tend to come in. Often people choose to use a more decorative mat at the front door because that is where guests enter.

There are many lovely front door mats that are just as functional as they are pretty to look at and can serve dual purposes. If you need a mat that will clean shoes and also look great, you will want to choose something durable and easy to clean.

Front door mats are available in a variety of holiday themes, allowing you to change out the message and the image to suit the season. You can purchase front door mats with themes ranging from Halloween to Christmas and everything in between. Changing them out along with other seasonal décor can help to make your home even more welcoming to guests at all times of the year.

Front door mats can be purchased in many locations, from department stores to rug specialty stores, although you might find that the ones at the specialty stores run a little pricier. You should aim to choose a front door mat that fits the size of the entrance to your home easily and is big enough for people to clean their shoes on effectively. Front door mats are usually not machine washable, but should be easy to sweep or clean with your garden hose to keep them in great condition. Indoor front door mats may be washable, but read the label to be sure.

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