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Get Tilling Again with Mantis Parts

Get Tilling Again with Mantis Parts

Do you love gardening, but hate the arduous and monotonous toil required to prepare the soil for planting? Would you be interested in a product that can speed up this process and virtually do the work for you? If so, you simply must check out the Mantis Tiller. The Mantis tiller has been making gardening easier for over 30 years and with easy to find Mantis parts you can be sure that your new cultivator will last as long as you need it.

What is a Mantis Tiller?

The Mantis tiller is a compact, gas powered cultivator which helps you break through even the toughest sod and dirt to prepare your garden for planting. The patented serpentine tines on the Mantis tiller will help you quickly turn your soil into fine particles and create an ideal spot to grow flowers, vegetables, shrubs, trees and even grass. Unlike other bulky, walk-behind tillers which are difficult to maneuver and transport, the Mantis model is lightweight and compact, allowing you to operate it with minimal effort and easily store it until you need it again.

Where to Find Mantis Parts

There is no debate that the Mantis tiller is a must-have for home gardeners, but after a few years of normal wear it only stands to reason that you’ll need to replace a few parts to keep your cultivator running in tip-top shape. Some of the parts that may need to be replaced as time goes by include:

  • Mantis Fuel Strainer. The fuel strainer, also known as the fuel filter, helps to keep dirt and other particles from entering the engine compartment, and will need to be replaced every so often for maximum engine protection.

  • Tine Retaining Pins. Tine retaining pins keep the tines fastened to your tiller and while these pins normally last forever, occasionally one will come loose and need to be replaced.

  • Primer Bulb. The primer bulb, located on the carburetor, helps prime the engine with gasoline for easy starting.

  • Air Filter. Because your Mantis tiller is regularly exposed to harsh, dirty conditions, the air filter should be replaced at regular intervals to help keep airborne particles from entering and damaging the engine.

  • Grease. If your Mantis tiller begins to balk or hesitate when you push it, you may need to replace or re-grease some of the moving parts in the wheels and axle.

  • Carrying Handle. The carrying handle on the Mantis tiller allows you to easily move your cultivator from one place to another and can readily be replaced should it break or come loose.

These are just a few of the Mantis parts that may need replacing over the life of your machine, and you’ll be glad to know that obtaining these parts is usually as simple as going online. Whether you go directly to the Mantis website and order your parts directly, or go through another certified Mantis parts dealer, finding Mantis parts is as simple as a click of your mouse.

Before you begin your next big gardening project, be sure to check out the Mantis tiller for yourself. Chances are you’ll be surprised at just how easy this innovative machine is to operate and just how pleasurable it can make your gardening experience.

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