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Getting to Know the Hilti Core Drill

Getting to Know the Hilti Core Drill

Do you have a project on the horizon that requires the use of cornet drill or coring tool? Do you need a drill that can handle both wet and dry coring—one that can easily switch between the two without modification? If so, you’ll want to check out the Hilti core drill before you settle on another which may be less efficient.

Why the Hilti Core Drill?

Drilling and coring through masonry and concrete can be a complete nightmare without the right tools, and when it comes to quality drilling tools and accessories nobody does it better than Hilti. The Hilti core drill is the ideal choice for projects large and small, and is the preferred choice of contractors, masons and weekend warriors alike.

What is the Hilti Core Drill?

The Hilti core drill is a hand-held drill designed for both wet and dry coring projects. The strong diamond core can easily drill through even the toughest concrete and brick and the lightweight design makes it extremely mobile and efficient.

The Hilti core drill features a quick switch from wet to dry coring and is equipped with a side handle water flow adjustment. In reinforced concrete the Hilti core drill can wet-core holes from 15/32” to 6 inches and perform precise coring of anchoring holes from 15/32” to 1 5/8”.

Hilti is a respected name in power tools and offers a wide variety of bits and attachments.

Hilti Core Drill Features

The Hilti core drill cores rapidly and neatly into reinforced concrete, natural stone, masonry and asphalt, and is so easy to use that it requires only one individual for both set-up and operation. Among its many features that make it so popular are:

  • Revolutionary design allowing you to switch from wet to dry coring without modification.
  • Convenient drill stand base for efficient anchor fastening and vacuuming.
  • Side handle water flow adjustment
  • 1800 watt engine with tons of power in reserve
  • Three speed gearing for optimum coring performance regardless of the material type or coring diameter.
  • Cores anchor holes in both masonry and concrete up to 6 inches in diameter.
  • Rated the number one hand held coring tool on the market today.

Where to Find the Hilti Core Drill

The Hilti core drill is available at most hardware stores and contractor’s supply outlets, but if you want to save the time and hassle of physically shopping, you can pick one up on the internet. All Hilti power tools are available for purchase on their website or through any number of reputable online retailers.

The Hilti core drill, besides being perhaps the most versatile machine of its kind, is also built to last. In fact, it comes with a complete money back warranty if you are unsatisfied for any reason.

If you have a project that requires the use of a coring tool, you simply cannot afford to trust any other drill. Check out the Hilti core drill today and try it for yourself.

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