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Go Bananas Over Monkey Invitations

Go Bananas Over Monkey Invitations

Does your child have a birthday coming up? Have you decided yet on a theme for the party? Planning for your child’s birthday celebration can be a lot of work—the planning, the cake, the presents—and perhaps the most difficult task is deciding upon a unique theme that will set your party apart from the rest and create a lasting memory for your son or daughter and their friends. Possible party themes—ones you’ve no doubt witnessed firsthand at other children’s parties—include a beach or swim party, wild west or cowboy theme and even pirates, but most of these ideas have been “done to death,” and have consequently lost a bit of their distinctiveness. If you’re lost for ideas, you may want to consider “zoo” theme, where all of your child’s friends have been summoned to the party with monkey invitations?

Think about it. Everybody likes monkeys. They’re cute and cuddly, and best of all, their playful, animated nature makes them a perfect mascot for your invitations.

Where to Find Monkey Invitations

If you’ve decided to go with a monkey or zoo theme, the next step is to find monkey invitations which suit your purpose. Fortunately, these are not hard to find, as the monkey seems to be very popular these days. Now if you were having, say, a “water buffalo” party you might be out of luck, but with monkey invitations you should have no problem whatsoever. Monkey invitations can usually be found through the following channels:

  • Party Planning Stores (Online and Physical Locations)
  • Stationery Stores
  • Craft and Art Supply Stores
  • Costume Outlets
  • Printers

Because monkey invitations are so affordable, you’ll probably want to buy them with the invitation message already pre-printed on them, but if you don’t mind a little extra work—the type of work you could even involve your child in—you can buy the monkey artwork and create your own unique invitations. Whichever route you decide to go, you can be certain that your monkey invitations will be a hit and a memory your child will never forget.

Image courtesy of My Good Greetings

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