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Great Garden Edging Ideas

Great Garden Edging Ideas

Creating a clean line and a border that keeps your garden separated from grass, sidewalks or patios is what garden edging is all about. Looking for some interesting and attractive garden edging ideas? From the classic to the unique, there are plenty of ways to edge your garden that will match your style, garden type and the look or your yard and garden.

Brick or Stone

One of the most classic and traditional garden edging ideas is to use brick or stone as an edging tool. Flat bricks that are set along the garden level with surrounding grass make it easier to mow the grass along the edge of the garden. For something more decorative, try colorful bricks or use flagstones to create a border.

River Rocks

Another fun and creative stone garden border is to use river rock or other interesting stones. This is a more whimsical look that fits well into gardens that are less landscaped and have a wilder appearance. If you use a lot of native plants in your garden, local, native stones will be a great compliment to your garden’s look. This is a natural look that will blend effortlessly into your garden.


If you are looking for garden edging ideas for a garden that has an old-fashioned look to it, try a cobblestone border. This will match will with cobblestone walkways winding through your garden, or for a cobblestone patio area placed in your garden. This somewhat medieval look is a great choice for homes that have a vintage appeal.


Truly clean and modern garden edging ideas include a cast concrete border. This allows you to create clean and yet flowing lines that follow the edge of your garden smoothly. They will go perfectly with a concrete patio or other concrete features such as walking paths, driveways or even statuary.

Recycled Bottles

A really unique idea for a garden that has a quirky flair is to use old recycled bottles turned upside down along the edge. It’s a great way to reuse colorful glass bottles and a wonderful conversation piece as well. This may not be the best choice for gardens where children will be playing, as broken glass could become an issue, but if you want to make an eco-friendly statement while re-using old glass, this is an interesting and unique garden edging choice.


Wood edging is a popular choice as well, and there are plenty of great garden edging ideas in wood that go beyond a simple strip of pressure-treated lumber. Create a miniature picket fence around your garden, or use round logs pounded into the ground in a row. These can be placed neatly at the same height, or use differing heights for added interest and a less structured look. This type of wood edging also allows you to work around curves. For solid, straight edges, old railroad ties are a popular choice. They allow the old ties to be repurposed and are inexpensive and easy to install.

Plastic or Metal

Simple and long-lasting choices for garden edging are plastic and metal. Plastic is affordable and lasts a long time. It can be used along curves or on straight lines. While metal borders are considerably more pricey, they will last for a lifetime. Different colors and styles are available.

Ceramic Tiles

For a lovely border sure to get compliments, create a garden edge out of old ceramic tiles. These can be found in all sorts of colors, patterns and interesting textures and will really bring the edge of your garden to life, making it as much a part of the beauty of your garden as the plants and flowers themselves.

Ground Cover

Speaking of plants and flowers, there is no reason you can’t use a low-growing ground cover type of plant to create a living border. Choose something hardy that will grow well along the edge of your garden. Depending on your climate, you may want a living border that looks nice all year round, especially if snow cover is not an issue.

Garden edging ideas come in all forms, and with a little creativity you can come up with some beautiful and unique options. Whether you prefer a classic stone border or something really different, there is a choice to suit every taste, every garden and every home.

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