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Great Ideas for Bathroom Floor Plans

Great Ideas for Bathroom Floor Plans

Remodeling your bathroom is your opportunity to incorporate all of the bathroom features that you have long wanted for your dream bathroom. With a bit of thought and careful planning, you will be able to determine which of your options in bathroom floor plans will best suit your requirements.

Determining Your Requirements

When it comes to determining your requirements for your bathroom beyond the toilet, sink, and bathtub, think about the layout that you currently have. Think about bathrooms that you have seen, are there layout features that appealed to you? What features have annoyed you?

By determining the bathroom layout features that you absolutely love and by identifying those that you can happily do without, you will be in a much better position to select bathroom floor plans that will allow you to build your dream bathroom. Keep in mind that your bathroom will be used every day so try to think about any potential issues that may crop up with the bathroom floor plans that you are selecting from. You may not want a separate shower in your bathroom today, but will you regret that decision in a few years? How will the lack of a separate shower affect the value of your home should you wish to put it on the market?

The Practicalities

When it comes to selecting bathroom floor plans, consider your allotted budget and be sure that your dreams don’t overrun the reality of what you can afford. Beyond your budget, consider the existing electric and plumbing and whether your selected bathroom floor plans will involve adjustments. These types of adjustments can prove to be budget-busters so be sure that you are well-prepared to deal with them.

The fun part of selecting from bathroom floor plans can start once you have settled on all of the requirement and practicality aspects of your renovation.

Layout Tips

Taking the size of your bathroom space into consideration think about maneuvering through your bathroom – do you the room to devote space to a large Jacuzzi bathtub? Can you fit in a stand-alone shower? Do you have the room for his and her sinks? Let us not forget storage space! In a bathroom it is essential to reduce clutter.

  • If you do not have the space to dedicate a closed-off private area to the toilet in your bathroom then consider a small wall that can provide a small level of privacy without taking up too much in the way of space.
  • If available space is a concern for you, you could save a significant amount of space by excluding a stand-alone shower and instead installing a bathtub with a showerhead; to keep things elegantly stylish consider a curved shower rod and a designer shower curtain.
  • Another space savings idea is to install spacious cabinets above the toilet; this oft misused space can prove to be ideal for the storage of toilet paper and bathroom cleaners.
  • When it comes to selecting from bathroom floor plans that offer a choice between one or two sinks, think carefully about the way in which you use your bathroom. If you are renovating a guest bathroom then perhaps two sinks are not as useful as they would be in your master bathroom suite! And don’t forget about the storage opportunity that sinks offer; extra storage in your bathroom can truly prove to be priceless.

If you are looking for the ultimate in luxury for your bathroom consider the installation of heated floors and even a bidet!

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