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Great Ideas for Your Computer Repair Flyer

Great Ideas for Your Computer Repair Flyer

Have you recently started up your own small business repairing computers? While you may be a savvy computer repair person, designing and distributing your computer repair flyer may prove to be something of a challenge for you. However, the following quick guide can help to set you in the right direction to creating a fantastic computer repair flyer that can help to get the word out about your fledgling business.

Starting With A Template

The right template can help to get you started! Start by taking a look at the templates offered by Microsoft Word; if you don’t initially see a template that appeals to you then you always have the option of going online to find compatible templates that can be downloaded into Word.

There are many desktop publishing applications that can help you to get started; with the simple drag and drop interface, designing your computer repair flyer has never been easier.

Items to Remember

There are several parts of your computer repair flyer that need to be considered in order to make it a successful marketing tool for your business.

  • Your Business Name. The name that you operate your business under should be catchy and memorable; be sure to find one that will leave potential business clients with a lasting memory of your company. While certainly popular, names that have the word “geek” in them have been overused in recent years so perhaps try to find another word that can convey the same message.
  • Your Business Message. The message that you relay to potential clients via your computer repair flyer should be informative yet brief. Writing a two paragraph display of your offered services while describing your excellent approach to customer service is great – for your website. For your flyer, however, you should use short and informative bullet points that can quickly inform potential clients of your services.
  • Your Contact Information. An important part of your computer repair flyer should be your contact information – be sure to include your phone number, email address, and of course – your website address so that there is no shortage of ways for your potential customers to reach out to you.

When it comes to design features of your computer repair flyer it is important to keep things attractive enough to grab the attention of potential clients but is not so over-stuffed with graphics that it turns the attention of potential clients away. Colors that work well on flyers in general are red, blue, and of course black and white; try to avoid the use of pastels or bright neon colors that could completely overshadow your business message. Consider the use of graphics on your computer replay flyer, but keep It to a minimum of perhaps fewer than three – an image of a broken computer or something related to your business services could be a great addition.

Print your computer repair flyer on paper that can be easily displayed on message boards around town; that is, thin enough to be pinned up with a pushpin but not so thin that the slightest of breezes will blow it away!

Photo courtesy of Mike Babcock.

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